Style & Content

On matters of style:

  • We accept work that uses either British or American English, but we would like you to be consistent in using one or the other (See:
  • Please proofread your work before submitting it to us; use the services of a copy editor if you are unsure of your command over the language
  • All text should be 1.5 line or double spaced
  • Use sub-headings where necessary

Some Exemplars:

  • “Reflections on Hinduphobia: A Perspective from a Scholar-Practitioner” – by Prof. Jeffery Long, Prabuddha Bharata, December 2017
  • “Understanding The New York Times’ Anti-Hindu Bias” – by Prof. Ramesh Rao,, May 2020
  • “Hinduphobia in America and the end of Irony” – by Suhag Shukla, India Abroad, March 2020
  • “Hinduphobia: The Labour Party’s Other Problem” – by Ranbir Singh, Hindu Human Rights, May 2016