Battle for Epistemic Supremacy

Battle for Epistemic Supremacy

Not a day goes by before some ‘eminence’ or the other talks about the dangerous ascent of ‘Hindu-supremacists’ and how the Sangha (VHP, RSS etc.) is the reincarnation of the Nazis in their purest form. The premise behind this is often simplistic – as all propaganda is – ‘Hindus use the Swastika, call themselves Aryans – of course they are Nazis!’, but the sophistry behind these slogans is both deceptive and perniciously widespread.

The academic rhetoric stems, ostensibly, from the admiration towards the Axis powers expressed by the likes of Savarkar, Rash Behari, Subhash Bose etc. at a time when the Axis powers were actively supporting the Azad Hind Fauj & the Indian National Army to liberate India from its blood-sucked-dry state of centuries of systematized theft and constant genocide. Perhaps, these great patriots had greater priorities than to divinate & condemn war-atrocities that would not be well known until the end of the war.

Faulting ‘eminent’ historians of India for such assumptions on their fellow beings might not be very fair, since they have proven themselves to be quite prodigious at the act of ‘divination’, esp. in their celebrated works. Yet, while Savarkar is demonized, Periyar, a man propped up by feudal Zamindars, who was hand-in-glove with the Muslim League and the British, and one who wished for Brahmins to be ethnically cleansed like the Jews of Europe and Middle East – even after the war; even after centuries of anti-Hindu pogroms – is today a demigod for the very same academic and larger ‘liberal’ order.

Blatant hypocrisy such as this whispers to us about the pernicious disease afflicting India – a disease whose symptoms today include incessant calls for ‘हिन्दुवों से आजादी’ (freedom from Hindus)amongst other things. The academic-cultural undercurrents behind this international movement needs to be seen with a historic lens, not simply by raking up insipid ‘anti-imperial’ narratives prototyped in the West (ironically enough), but through an understanding of the underlying causal factor – an obsession with pushing epistemes across the world, even when they don’t resonate with observations.

The role of such ‘world models’, being necessarily a product of historical discourse, has always occupied a very interesting role in society. Orwell most famously noted that he who controls the past, controls the future, and he who controls the present, controls the past, and thus it is not surprising that both religious and totalitarian-utopian ideologues have historically been very keen on seizing both the production houses and distribution centers of information – a task upon whose completion they’re quick in destroying alternatives. This is not surprising – when there are only one or two canonically anointed stories there is little an individual can do – consciously or unconsciously – other than to select facts that fit and proceed to wallow in ignorant stupor to the infinities above.

This genre of epistemic-‘stupidity’ appears to be universal for cognitive systems. Researchers over the past few years have succeeded in destroying human champions of fixed games like Chess and Go (once deemed indicative measures of intelligence), yet their best efforts at solving ‘mundane’problems of everyday perception & locomotion remain in a worse than infantile state in the real world, simply because no one knows how to efficiently model the world.

The inability toreason effectively about the world, due in part from computational issues in assimilating observations globally, from being unable to do free experiments on the environment, and – strangely enough – from being stuck in a rut of observations only suiting the current model, appear to affect man and machine equally. Bad models of the world, cause robots to go into spastic fits before destroying themselves, and continue causing untold miseries in economic and social systems. The effect of such convergence issues on human societies – even when they aren’t used by adversarial agents – needs closer scrutiny.

Human tragedies are far too often preceded by such ‘stuck’ doctrines. The doctrine of the ‘conspiring’ Jew manipulating the ‘Aryan’ people, that led to Hitler’s ‘Final solution’, was little more than millennia old blood-libel with a few more select data points. Communist belief in ‘conspiring’ reactionaries, itself a reprise of the Protestant polemic against ‘corrupt priests’, led to the blatant destruction of Chinese tradition in the ‘Cultural revolution’. Mao’s ‘scientific’ belief in the pestilence of sparrows, and the party’s stupefied efforts at advancing China via increasing Iron production numbers led to the Great Chinese Famine (and lots of low-quality lumps of pig iron).

Certainty in belief, from being stuck in ideological ruts by ‘word of God’ or ‘Manifest destiny’, inevitably leads to brutal policies, much as it does in robotics – by breaking ethical and physical barriers. Is this ‘scientific’ , ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ ? In some sense yes, only inasmuch as it is the testing of a hypothesis without the slightest shred of epistemic uncertainty ala a gambler going ‘all in’. However, these words, riding on occidental economic & cultural might, are not really of great significance, since even the most primitive of animals have the ability for such ‘hypothesis testing’ and computers easily out do humans at logical inference.

The more important question, one which is almost never talked about, is about the prior set of models, or the ‘hypothesis class’ (among the infinite) of models that are actually considered; these taken together with temporal and monetary constraints, really do ultimately define the scope of human inquiry. In Physics, there is a drift towards ‘Mathematical Beauty’ as Eugene Wigner noted, but in Economics the value of such a bias has been nil (except in obtaining tenure and Nobels), and perhaps even a detriment to humanity.

India, its history, its society, and its government, are today studied entirely with – thus governed by – epistemic priors from the occident. It’s effect on Indian society has been quite devastating, but even realizing the devastation requires vast amount of study into suppressed and ‘dangerous’ books. Worse yet, the new school, in its enthusiasm for appropriating India’s ancient heritage in support of the European project, not only produced a debilitating anti-Hindu movement in India, but was instrumental in creating a rationalist, post-Christian vehicle for anti-Semitism in Europe.

The violent manifestations of the resulting holocaust has produced little introspection in the field (or amongst Hindu scholars for that matter), and worse, its vicious, kicking twin in anti-Hinduism is surreptitiously being empowered by shoveling the ideological responsibility for the Jewish holocaust on top of the weak, constitutionally-gagged Hindu himself. This is not surprising – since even after a millennia of constant anti-Hindu genocides and pogroms, the community has failed miserably at transmitting history.

Hindus, their native movements for equality & decolonization, have long since been equated with the ‘fascism’ and ‘communalism’, while mass-murdering butchers & thieves of past (and their heirs), continue to be peddled as heroes. The current movement towards the ‘Nazi-fication’ of the Hindu – led by academics like Sheldon Pollock of the Murty library and media portals like Netflix – not only exculpates the Western cabal from its sordid historical role, but also constructs, consciously and vociferously, potent metaphors, for further securing the ‘moral‘ vehicle of medieval Eurasian prejudices. This is done by latching onto the epistemic levers of a post-war, ostensibly non-colonial, globalized Western mind – once the Hindu (or atleast the ‘Brahmin’) is a Nazi, you can march him to the gas chambers very much like a Jew.
It’s not surprising that civilizational foes of all colors and hues are both enthusiastic, and united in this project. Knowledge today has become prostitute to the eventuality.

Hindus may consider themselves numerous and invincible in light of their ancestors’ untiring sacrifice but they’re not. The clarion call for Hindu genocide is today given by so-called Hindus themselves – the worldview, the epistemes, the ‘world models’ that the state sponsors and seemingly regulates, is but that of genocide-mongering Christian and Muslim ideologues, but in hip new ‘secular’ raiments. These descriptions,to which each of us concede with silence and ignorance, implies – nay, implores – that Hindus need to be wiped off the face of the earth for the betterment of humanity. It’s only rational – and its only getting more so.

The Dharma of India today, unsurprisingly, demands that we become hare-brained Anglo-Saxon clones, mimicking masters seen and unseen, for survival. The game is rigged, and admittedly, Indians are quite good at the game – leaching off of confused Indian masses, ultimately to provide Anglo-Saxon nations with model lackeys. It’s not surprising that the policies for restricting education & employment only to English speakers, and the consequent complete destruction of each and every Indian language & native tradition is supported, not only by every ‘liberal’ Indian, but even by most ‘humanrights’ wallahs !
India remains a colony, not of the British, but of a colonized elite.

India may already be economically doomed as a result of such policies, enforced almost entirely for the benefit of a few colonized elite. Sankrant Sanu notes that no large economy has ever developed by imposing such linguistic apartheid on its population. Unsurprisingly, the consumption patterns of the Indian upper middle-class have increasingly become aligned with foreign goods, while the traditional manufacturing communities, historically deprived of their trade & skills by the British, either have no idea what to manufacture or no education/capital to manufacture what is in demand at scale (unlike war-ravaged South Korea, China, Vietnam.).

Perhaps there may still be time to stop the upcoming Hindu exodus from the sub-continent, but history has shown only too well that such strategic planning is completely alien to India. Much like the Jews of yore – from the time of the Romans to the World War – there is not a single country willing to stand up for Hindus today – least of all India (as the African, Bhutanese, Kashmiri, Bangla Hindus and many others have painfully found out).

There can be little doubt that the normative knowledge-systems are calling upon their hosts for a Hindu genocide. They’re deemed right, not just by our Islamic neighbours, but also by the Western world and large fraction of Indian population – naturally something that has been going on for a millennia can’t possibly be wrong ? Acceding to these contemptuous theories, like the Jews did for two millennia, will only beget more violence, and perhaps a repeat of their tragic history. ‘Human rights’ jumla from UN, ‘militant’ resistance (like the Zealots of Judea), may grant the human bodies some relief from the eventuality, but since ‘cultural genocide’ is consciously unrecognized, it can be assumed that it is in fact endorsed even by the UN.

Kill the Indian, save the man, is the name of the game.

The question is whether Hindus want to continue spending time & effort raising the children of the state-sponsored ‘kill the Hindu’ cabal – we fund their factories of manufacture, and we even beg them for useless certifications, all to remove us of our own identities! Such humiliation does not behoove a people.

India’s attempts at finding ‘academic’ solutions have not worked – occidental academia and its iron-clad grip on Indian universities is obtained by filling them with groomed acolytes; India’s attempts at detoxifying the source by funding chairs in the West have amounted to little more than PR disasters.

It appears that making a clean cut from the poisonous discourse requires some level of isolation & protection – a warrior child needs a mother after all. Censorship appears to be the way adopted by Hindus during the time of violent Islamic conquests – but it’s effect of numbing the intellect is perhaps too heavy a price in times of relative peace such as this.

India’s own languages may be the answer. Since English has become both the spigot for self-destruction and the economic discriminator within India, it makes sense to solve both problems by massively funding India’s own dying languages (it’s also what self-respecting nations do). The current discourse within them, sadly, already mimics that of English, in light of current economic gradients, but regional languages, by their very semantic structures, tend to prevent making such ‘word-substituted’ gibberish from being natively meaningful. The overwhelming Christian background that is taken for granted when speaking English is but a ghost elsewhere and the superstructure built on top of this has only but one direction to go – down (try asking ‘what is your religion’ in an Indian language).

India needs to create massive universities to truly educate its citizens (rather than manufacturing English-babbling useful idiots by the millions), control its discourse and thus its destiny – and this can only be done effectively in regional languages. It will have long reaching consequences (much like English has during and after British rule), both economic and cultural, but this has been key to the success of every European and East Asian nations. The colonial elites will make shrill calls for Anglo-Saxon empires to ‘regime-change’ the country (as they already are), but India can’t choose to remain in the comforts of slavery for ever.

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