Census 2011 and the Hindu Family

Census 2011 and the Hindu Family

The recent release of the Census 2011 report has caused much concern among Hindus. Both the UPA and the NDA governments had delayed releasing the Census 2011 report for reasons unknown.

Equally, the growth rate of Mohammedans has raised alarm bells amongst those perceptive enough to understand what is happening. Mohammedan immigration from Bangladesh, and higher fertility rates have created a demographic dividend for the followers of Islam.

The Christian demographic stats on the other hand have been pushed under the carpet. If the 2011 Census is to be believed, Christians seemed to have no growth in terms of the percentage in population.

As per the Census report, they form 2.3 per cent of the population. Surjit Bhalla has emphasised in an article in the Indian Express that for the Christians to maintain the same percentage they had to resort to conversions.

From the comments section of the article, it seems that the Christian readers have not taken a liking to it and want to shout down Bhalla for stating a fact. One of them, perhaps a budding evangelist even started preaching about Christian concepts of God, sin and salvation.

I suspect the Christian population is way higher than 2.3 per cent, In (undivided) Andhra Pradesh, I had witnessed conversions happening on an industrial scale during the regime of Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy who was Christian and whose son-in-law happens to be a prominent evangelist.

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh officially gave funds to Church planting until it was stopped by a High Court verdict. However, the trend of giving grants to Churches continues to this day.

And we’ve not even touched upon the thousands of crores of funding these evangelist organizations receive via foreign funding. The states of Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu too have borne the brunt of massive missionary work. North eastern states of Nagaland, Mizoram and certain parts of Manipur have already fallen to Christian cross.

On the ground however, the Christian population is certainly much more than a mere 2.3 per cent and no Census can whitewash this.

Missionary work accelerated during the UPA regime and it is certainly not a coincidence that a Roman Catholic Sonia Gandhi was at helm of affairs in the UPA regime.

India was kept poor, economic reforms were either halted or prolonged indefinitely so that the missionaries could harvest a bumper crop—and harvest they did, desecrating the dharmic sanctity of Bharata.

After much destruction came the silver lining of the UPA being decimated thoroughly in the 2014 elections. However, this is just a baby step.

Followers of Dharmic religions and sects (Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and whomsoever who is legally Hindu) have their task cut out. For their own survival they have to win this demographic war. To the fashionable atheists, I would like to point you to the gruesome incidents of atheist bloggers hacked to death in Islamic Bangladesh.

All the narrative of secularism in this country is to just lull the Heathens into ignorance and complacency, to turn kaffirs into apologetic dhimmis. When the actual numbers decline, the swords will be out and kafir heads will roll as even history is witness—notice the fate of Hindus in our neighbouring countries. Needless, on a global scale, world history is witness to the genocide of many a pagan civilization at the hands of the Abrahamic adherents.

In this demographic war, the most important anchor for Hindus is the Hindu family. To put it bluntly, Hindus can no longer afford to have single kid families. And Hindu families can no longer afford to ignore their own relatives or other members of their community who might be facing terrible times. Vulnerable families have always been clinically targetted by evangelists. The misfortune of Hindus presents a great opportunity for evangelism.

Every year the occasion of Pitru Paksha, is a sacred and time-honoured tradition where Hindus across the country gather to offer homage to their ancestors. Sadly, over the years, this has degenerated into an occasion for mere fun and frolic. However, one of the best ways to honour our ancestors is by continuing their bloodline.

While it’s late but not yet too late, Hindus would do well to educate their children about our ancient knowledge systems, heritage, heroes and traditions. It would also immensely help if Hindus if they create awareness among their children about the dangers lurking in the shadows in the form of Abrahamic imperialistic cults and imported isms that continues to ravage India.

Hindus owe at least this much not only to their ancestors but also their own children. When the Hindu demographic falls it is their own children who will be enslaved. People of Kerala, Bengal and Assam are already facing this existential crisis.

And so, in order to prevent total annihilation, Hindus don’t need to move mountains. They just have to raise a strong, cohesive family, have two or more children, and strive to make them strong by building their character and teach them to value their identity as Hindus.

As the Census 2011 report indicates, higher fertility and higher growth rates of Abrahamic religions coupled with large scale illegal immigration has already proven fatal for Hindus in several Indian states.

And neither is this restricted only to India. A 2009 Telegraph article indicates similar portents for the White population of Europe which faces the imminent threat of being overrun by the Muslim migration and higher population growth rates. A more detailed exposition of this alarming phenomenon is given by the bestselling author and public intellectual, Bruce Bawer.

India stands as perhaps the last bastion against the forces of Abrahamism thanks to its largely Hindu population but then post-Independence, there has been a steady hollowing out of everything Hindu. The Census 2011 report should serve as a sort of a final wake up call for Hindus.