Hindus: The Last Line of Defense

Hindus: The Last Line of Defense

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The coordination by the Left, Muslim, Christian, and a multitude of anti-Hindu groups is indeed noteworthy for its extreme proficiency. Such coordination of people, talent, strategies, tactics, goals, and resources across the world makes for a program of study. We may therefore wonder why such an academic project has been ignored by the faculty of business, political science, economics, history, and sociology departments in top universities. Why are these well-paid dogs not barking? Is it not because these are the very same people who run with the “we are discriminated” hare, and hunt with the “terror and blood will shut them up” hounds? That many of the dons at Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, Oxford, Cambridge, and Sydney are part of the global anti-Hindu brigade should not come as a surprise. “Snakes in the Ganga” offers some information about this vast network of anti-India, anti-Hindu academics, and activists. While some in these institutions might disagree with these “woke” cabals, they are afraid to do so publicly, fearing the loss of their jobs, their prestige, and the little influence they still have left.

But why Hindus? What have we done, and what do we represent, that brings together such strange bedfellows and their intense private copulation, and public collaboration? Scour Google, scour the Internet, and you will not find one treatise on Hinduphobia by academic experts in the departments of South Asia Studies, or India Studies, or whatever else they call their departments these days in American and European universities. Except for a couple of books by the small battalion of academics, activists, and scholars who do their work mostly alone, mostly unfunded, and mostly ignored, we have nothing published by university presses and mainstream publications.

We do have some “Lone Rangers” in the pro-Hindu battalions, and in Rajiv Malhotra, for example, we have a one-man army, taking on the vast Western academic enterprise. Kudos to him for keeping the Hindu light burning. His book, “Academic Hinduphobia,” did gain traction among readers, but what he claims about Wendy Doniger losing her clout because of his work is like the claims made recently by a Vishwa Hindu Parishad conclave where the gray-bearded and the saffron-clad concluded that the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference failed in its goals. Doniger has not lost her clout. She is now 83 years old. Her influence at the University of Chicago continues where she retired as professor emeritus. Self-serving at best, and blinkered at worst, these evaluations of what the global anti-Hindu forces are up to, what their agenda is, and how successful they have been in their efforts to demonize Hindus, and to capture the halls of media, academic, and political power go to show that, as usual, the Hindu is asleep at the civilizational wheel. Of course, there are some who have been crying hoarse about both the coordinated campaigns against Hindus and Hinduism as well as the mostly lackadaisical or ignorant responses of most otherwise well-to-do and accomplished Hindus. But their voices alas are muted or silenced in both Indian and global mainstream media as well as in academic institutions.

But, still, why us Hindus? It is simple, dear Watson. It is so because Hindus and Hinduism represent real diversity of thought, action, belief, values, and accomplishments – intellectual, spiritual, and material. They pose “the” fundamental threat to monopolists and supremacists of every ilk – religious, political, social, economic, scientific, and cultural. We Hindus challenge the fundamental and arrogant Christians, Muslims, Marxists, Khalistanis, and “One World” Soros-funded activists who claim that they know what is best not just for themselves but for the world, and that they will get their way, no matter what because it is so ordained, and they will convert you, by force or through seduction, to join their monopolist armies. These forces are all of the same ilk. It does not matter what they disagree about, but if an Islamist meets with a fundamentalist Christian, or a left/liberal progressive academic, or a Khalistani terrorist, or an Antifa activist he knows that they are his bedfellows, and their copulation will end the one thing they all dread: difference, bheda, the individual pursuit of the divine, variation, contrasts, variety, multiplicity – the manifoldness of this multitudinous universe that Hindus have been able to speak about eloquently and live abundantly.

Shut the Hindu up and you can shut up all talk of real diversity of the individual pursuits of truth, God, moksha, liberation, knowledge, and being. Then it will be the rule of violent, supremacist, monopolist ideologies and their adherents: Christians who want to see Christ reappear on Earth or when Christians are transported to Heaven, leaving the “faithless” burning on this hellish Earth (“When Jesus returns, He will be ready for war” – Revelation19:11-16); Muslims who see visions of the messiah who will purify the world of “evil”; Marxists/communists who seek a radical transformation of society after a violent upheaval; radical feminists who would like to see men purged from Earth; Khalistanis who would love to see Hindus purged from their “Khalistan,” and Soros, his son, and their well-paid hirelings rule the Earth. Added now to this old millenarian groups are a new set of them around the world – from far-Left to far-Right – sprouting up every year, some to die quickly, but many lurking in the vast interstices of the Internet luring, seducing, and trapping the so-inclined as well as the unwary.

In this context, it was instructive to see how these unholy nexuses operated to produce their vast amounts of anti-India, anti-Hindu, and anti-Modi reports, analyses, opinion pieces, and popular articles this past month when Modi came on a state visit to the US. An otherwise important, productive, strategic meeting between leaders of the world’s largest democracy and the world’s oldest democracy was sought to be undermined not just by the well-known conclave of supremacists but also by the 75 legislators of the ruling Democrat Party of the US! Even the so-called conservative, center, or center-right newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and Spectator magazines joined in questioning Modi’s and Hindus’ credentials, concerns, and activism, or if offering any support, doing so only back-handed. In a tepid report of Modi’s visit to the White House and the joint press conference with Biden, The Wall Street Journal said: “Modi, who has seldom faced the news media over his nine years as prime minister, was questioned about his support of human rights as his country seeks to take a larger role on the global stage. Human-rights groups have criticized discrimination against religious minorities, especially Muslims, and a crackdown on dissent and press freedom under Modi’s Hindu nationalist government”. No, these very same reporters, this very same newspaper have not done one investigation about the agendas of these “human-rights groups” nor have they done their own investigation in India about the real status of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others in the nation. Then there is Sadanand Dhume, supposedly The Wall Street Journal’s columnist focusing on India and South Asia. Ninety-nine percent of his opinion pieces are on India, almost none on the India-baiting neighbors from where Hindus have fled or have been sent packing. His piece on Modi’s visit to the US is titled, “Can America Rely on Modi’s India?” He writes, “Under Mr. Modi, India has ousted opposition leader Rahul Gandhi from Parliament, harassed the BBC with tax raids after it aired in the U.K. a scathing documentary on the prime minister that was banned in India, and steadfastly refused to condemn Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” giving no explanation as to why India has done what it did, and why it is doing so. He then goes on to say that “Mr. Modi has done much to undermine bilateral relations in the long term. A Pew poll released Wednesday showed that while more than half of Americans have a favorable view of India, they aren’t exactly sold on Mr. Modi. Four in 10 Americans haven’t heard of him. Among those who have, 37% have “little or no confidence in his ability to do the right thing” compared with only 21% who have confidence in him.”

So, this is the slanted opinion of an Indian American, a senior fellow at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, and a bi-weekly columnist for the supposedly conservative, right-wing Wall Street Journal. That The Wall Street Journal decided to have one of their Muslim provocateur-reporter-trolls flame Modi at the joint press conference. When she was criticized by ordinary social media users as well as some from the BJP, the White House issued a statement condemning the criticism of the reporter-provocateur. How can criticism of a reporter constitute harassment? This goes to show how the supremacists, of one kind or another, masquerading as “liberal, pluralist, democratic…” keep to their fundamentalist agenda: they want to rule the world. They are monopolists and supremacists by nature.

So, then, how can God save us from the progressive, liberal, and left-of-center newspapers and magazines (too many to name here)? They shrilly sought to “warn” President Biden and his administration about whom they were meeting and what they would be countenancing if they welcomed Modi and his “Hindu nationalists” to Washington, DC. In almost every report and every opinion piece, however positive the initial paragraph or two, they warned of the dangers that the Modi administration and “Hindu nationalists” posed to minorities in India and how they were gaining influence here in the United States. Then there are the very many Indian American activists and academics, journalists and experts, who join in on the chorus. Reading the dozens of “the sky is falling” howls of dismay by writers for the American Kahani even before Modi’s plane landed in DC, and “the sky has fallen” angry howls of protest even before his plane landed back in New Delhi should make the folks at the Vishwa Hindu Parishad wake up from their slumber.

Former President Obama joined in the singing of the dirge about India in an interview with the old drone, Christiane Amanpour. “Minorities are under threat in India,” he falsely claimed, failing to acknowledge that it was he who blew up Muslims using drones, and that he went home with a Nobel Peace Prize having done nothing to earn it. That I campaigned for this man, going door-to-door with my then five-year-old son in little Farmville, VA, seeking votes for him, indicates that we can all be fooled by sociopaths masquerading as statesmen, and that unless we call them out for their mischief and their misdeeds the politician will always win hands down over the statesman.

We Hindus and our Hindu ideals are the last lines of defense in keeping humanity free. If we know this much, if nothing else, we would find the strength, courage, and energy needed to stand up and stand firm against the genocidal, supremacist, violent, and monopolist forces, left or right, religious or political, or cultural or national.

Dr. Ramesh Rao

The author is Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Communication,  Columbus State University, Columbus, GA. He serves as the Chief Editor of India Facts at present. Views expressed are personal.