Open Lies to the American People: The NYT as a Vessel for an Incendiary Advertisement

Open Lies to the American People: The NYT as a Vessel for an Incendiary Advertisement

The Mahatma has been used for a variety of purposes, to serve a variety of ends, by a whole host of people in the world as he is not only an icon of India but who has, like “Mother Teresa”, been an international symbol for decades, if not for a century now. The Albanian nun cum Jesus huckster is of more recent vintage and had better PR agents so that she not only was given the Nobel Prize for Peace for pushing her proselytizing agenda but given the Padma Shri in 1962 by the Nehru government, and the Bharat Ratna in 1980 by the Indira Gandhi government, and a 21-gun salute in 1980, by the United Front Government headed by Inder Kumar Gujral, when she died at the age of 87. The Mahatma was denied the slew of awards the proselytizing huckster got, but “the father of the nation” has got quite a bit of mileage – the good, the bad, and the ugly – both during his lifetime and after he was assassinated in 1948.

Why our concern with the Mahatma, whose statues have been vandalized by Black Lives Matters protestor, Khalistani goons, and progressive louts in the US? Because there was an advertisement filled with falsehoods, provocative claims, and mischief that appeared in The New York Times on October 1, 2022 (see above) invoking the name of Mahatma Gandhi. It should not have come as a surprise, though, in a manner of speaking, it did shock some of us, watchers of the “Gray Lady,” and that the lady under her garb could be so diseased to allow the peddling of such lies. Let me take the last sentence back. It should not have come as a shock that the Gray Lady was fouling the public space with lies and mischief, but that she would now allow her pages to be sold to malcontents and let them ride her diseased tail is a new low. She does not stoop to conquer, as much as she squats to defecate.

The full-page advertisement, which should have cost at least $100,000 (unless the Gray Lady’s pimps sold her cheaply to these hawkers of lies and violence), was paid for by eight groups and one individual. As we looked more carefully at what “Dear Google” could unearth, we found out that they just paid $ 9,000 for the advertisement! Of course, we have no way of knowing what actually they paid because not one of these organizations or individuals affiliated with them can be expected to be moral agents of any kind telling us the truth. They are adherents of monopolist, supremacist, and genocidal religious, faith, and political ideologies, and violence and lies are their calling card. As we have said before, “according to a study in 2009 the people/faiths/groups most responsible for genocides are Christians, Communists, and Muslims,” and joining them, without a care for their history of decimating peoples and cultures, if not civilizations around the world, are the Dalit and Sikh groups who see an opportunity of pushing their own agenda of “breaking India,” and demonizing Hindus. The eight organizations and the one individual who paid to have the ad published in the newspaper are the following:

This full-page ad attacking the Narendra Modi government, or dog whistle ads targeting India’s Hindus and specific Hindu activist groups, are not the only ones of their kind. In February 2021 there was another full-page ad paid for by “Justice for Migrant Women” (an organization run by Latina women who push for open borders, illegal immigration, and a whole bunch of self-serving globally destabilizing agendas… all in the name of “justice”). These eight organizations and Mr. Howard Cain (who is this man, and what is his agenda?) could have saved whatever money they spent on the NYT ad because preempting them six weeks before was an NYT op-ed piece titled “Modi’s India Is Where Global Democracy Dies”. Don’t worry about the NYT paywall and not being able to read this screed written by one of India’s own anti-Hindu bigots because Arab and Muslim newspapers and portals were happy to carry it to gleefully stoke their readers’ already deeply ingrained “kaffir” hate.

Readers who are aware of the careful research done by “Abhimanyu Arjun” know of the work done by him on the antecedents, affiliations, inclinations, and bigotry of those who lead the Indian American Muslim Council. It seems to be their season because, as we reported before, they were the ones egging on the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee to pass their anti-Hindu resolution. Much has changed since “Abhimanyu Arjun” last updated his investigative report on the IAMC, but what we can be assured of is their ongoing anti-India and anti-Hindu activities, which this free land of America offers much scope for as there are others of IAMC’s ilk equally eager to “dismantle India and Hinduism” and who find willing collaborators to sup at the trough of Soros and the Saudis, if not of the Chinese.

The “Dalit Solidarity Forum” is not the same as “Dalit Solidarity,” because the latter says its mission is to “provide health care (sic) services and educational development for the poor families who can not (sic) afford it”. Whereas the former, the activist organization headed by anti-Hindu bigots, has been working “to provide visibility to and to engage in activism to condemn discriminations (sic) and violence faced by Dalits”. One hopes that the good “Abhimanyu Arjun” will do some more careful digging of the evidence of this organization’s activities and their bedfellows’ proclivities. We already know that these organizations, multiplying like rabbits, depend on the same set of malefic actors. “A House of Cards” captures in detail the network of interlinked organizations and activists, just as “Disinfo Labs” does.

There is much to be said about this cabal of organizations that have done everything to stymie India’s growth and used every tool available to them to deepen whatever social and societal divisions there may be in India. These are the very same individuals and groups who have had nothing to say about the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir, of the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh and the continuing attacks on Hindus there, day in and day out, by the Muslim majority of Bangladesh who have raped Hindu women, taken over farmlands and homes of Hindus, who have destroyed Hindu businesses and livelihood, and who have desecrated Hindu temples. No, they have not said one word in condemnation of these heinous acts because you know why? Because these are the very same Muslim groups and activists who are in cahoots with groups and individuals in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India who are driving Hindus out of their neighborhoods, out of their countries. The worst of the lot is the so-called “Hindus for Human Rights” whose members and activists care not one whit about the threat to the lives, culture, and civilization of Hindus around the world, including in India!

What Does the NYT Ad Claim? Lies, Damn Lies, and Nothing but Lies!

Let us go through each bullet point.

The first bullet point in the ad reads: “Muslims, Christians and Sikhs face discrimination, frequent demotions of homes, businesses, mosques, churches, and religious schools in BJP-ruled states, plus deadly mob violence – include lynchings.”

Now, where is the data for their assertion? They give no numbers, no data, no specific instance of an attack against minority groups. Nothing! It is such a bald, bold-faced, grand lie, and which has been repeated so often in every weekly message sent out by the IAMC or church mouthpieces as well as by the Khalistani and Dalit groups that we wonder how close the relationship of these organizations to Nazis and Goebbels is. We can say that they don’t really need the help of the Nazis because they are very much affiliates of genocidal ideologies and movements. They know how to take one event here or there where the victim is Muslim or Christian, and whatever maybe the cause for the attack, simply lay the blame on Hindu “rightwing organizations”. They know it is sure to get traction in international media and on social media because these very same jihadists and supremacists are also deeply embedded in these media organizations and academic institutions as well as commandeering social media. If we read Salvatore Babones’ analysis of the flawed and mischievous claims made by thinktanks in the US, and by media organizations in the UK, similar to the ones made in the ad, we will realize how deep the hatred of Hindus is among these people who masquerade as human rights activists, interfaith interlocutors, and overall good citizens of the world. A pox on their homes!

The second bullet point in the ad reads as follows: “The recent Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens are disenfranchising Muslims who have lived in India for centuries”. Really? How many Muslims have been disenfranchised? Where are the numbers? We can read this book “The Citizenship Debate – CAA & NRC” by Amit Malviya and Salman Khurshid and come to our own conclusions about the history of the CAA and the NRC, and under whose regime what laws and regulations were passed, and for what dire reasons in the border states of the country that demanded such surveillance and regulation. Do these provocateurs who got the ad at a cheap price in The New York Times know that there are more than twenty million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India? Do these provocateurs know that the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 15 percent in 1947 to less than 1.6 percent now? Do they care to tell the world that the Hindu population in Bangladesh has been reduced from about 28 percent in 1940 to less than nine percent now? Why are these “human rights activists” silent about this decimation of the Hindu population in India’s neighborhood? Have they bothered to comment on the fact that the last remaining Hindus and Sikhs have been driven out of Afghanistan? Do they want the same fate to descend on the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Well, from what we have observed, and what experts have said, there may be no Hindu left in Bangladesh in about fifteen or twenty years! In fact, these activists and provocateurs may actually be planning for the decimation of Hindus in India, as they have kept silent about and are therefore the abettors of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Yes, they are abettors, enablers, and provocateurs, and they are intent on taking Hindus and Hinduism out of Hindustan, and “deplatforming” them everywhere else, just as they have tried to do so over the past millennium. Let us look at their orchestrated complaints about the fate of Muslims in India: what is the Muslim population in India? If indeed Muslims have been targeted, by how much has the Muslim population been reduced in India? Muslims are now 14.23 percent of the Indian population, about two percent more than in 1947! Islam is the fastest growing religion in India. The growth rate of Muslims over the decades, since independence, has been higher than the growth rate of Hindus. Muslims are the majority in fifty of the world’s 195 countries. And wherever they are in a majority, consider the fate of other religionists in those countries, and how their lives are threatened, their numbers shrink continuously and precipitously, and how they are considered second class citizens who better behave!

The third bullet point reads thus: “The BJP government is attempting to illegally seize land and property set aside by Muslims for charitable purposes…” Here is more nonsense, unmitigated nonsense, and unsupported claims. The point being asserted in this libelous advertisement is about what is called WAQF property. Here are a couple of articles on the nature of Waqf property, who owns it, what can be done with it, etc., and what has been the  court cases on disputed Waqf claims. As to foreign contributions mentioned for the building of mosques and churches in India, we know the billions that has been poured into India over the past few decades to build mosques and churches in every village, town, and city across India, seeking to overwhelm Hindus by the sound, noise, and presence of their monopolist and angry gods and supremacist citadels. Christian proselytism in India was considered a menace in 1947, and it has simply got worse and more provocative. Just type on Google “Church planting in India” and see how many thousands of hits you get!

The fourth bullet says this: “Dalits (formerly ‘untouchables’) and India’s Adivasi (indigenous) peoples face discrimination and oppression, including killings and rape, on a regular basis”. This lie is spread so often, and by church groups intent on converting Dalits and Indian tribal population to Christianity that it is indeed a global venture, and a big business. The numbers regarding attacks on Dalits has been shown to be false here, here, here, and here. But again, there is the white man’s burden, and whatever lies can be peddled in the US, the land of evangelists and missionaries, the more the traction, and more the money that is poured into India and against India. These lying provocateurs know it well, and they know which udder to pull.

The fifth bullet point: “The Indian judiciary and police are filled with BJP/RSS loyalists and are doing little to nothing to stop atrocities against religious minorities…” Yes, this is yet another bald lie, so big, so vague, that anything can be insinuated without one little piece of data to support it. Where are the numbers to show that the Indian judiciary and the police are filled with BJP and RSS loyalists? In fact, the Indian Supreme Court has been more inimical to Hindu interests, for example, as shown in the Sabarimala case, than supportive of them. Is the Indian judicial system slow and justice poorly delivered? Yes. But since there are more Hindus in the country, they are the ones who suffer the most from the lethargy and inefficiency of the courts and the judicial system. As to the police, the BJP Government has sought to recruit more Muslims into the police force and the army, despite the worries of the Hindu population!

Sixth bullet point: “Eleven men, sentenced to life in prison for the gang rape of Bilkis Bano, a Muslim woman… were prematurely released by the BJP/RSS-led Gujarat state government….” First, the RSS does not form a government; it is the BJP that has done so! Second, the convicted criminals were released according to the law, and the Indian Supreme Court is now asking for a reconsideration of the release of the prisoners. See here. Despite the propaganda and false claims by vested interests, including The New York Times that has allowed the publication of this libelous ad, the Indian judicial system is strong enough, unlike the American system, as it seems at present, and there are no rogue prosecutors in cities as in the US to queer the Indian pitch.

The final bullet point in the ad is pablum packaged in nonsense, and the urging by these hateful organizations and individuals of the Biden administration “to hold the Indian government accountable…” goes to show what these dangerous provocateurs understand of sovereign governments and democratic rule.

The New York Times has over the past eight years, since Mr. Narendra Modi took office in 2014, has consistently, deliberately, mischievously, and falsely targeted both Mr. Modi and his government as well as Hindus in general. There has not been one positive opinion piece in its editorial pages about India or about the achievements of the BJP Government over the past eight years! Forget about the opinion pages, they have published one report on Indian that is without a negative slant. The New York Times does not care for democratic values. Its editors and reporters believe they are the beacon of light to the world, and the upholders of liberal values, and they will do everything possible to queer the pitch for a person, a people, a country, or a culture if they decide so! They have power, and like many of those who have power they are blind to their own shortcomings. The New York Times, by allowing this libelous ad to be published in their newspaper, has once again proven to be a danger to democracy, to national integrity, to the idea of sovereign nations, and to the wellbeing of the world.

The gray lady does not just wink. She farts and she fouls, she hectors and she lectures, and she is a ghoul masquerading as an angel. A pox on her house!

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Dr. Ramesh Rao

The author is Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Communication,  Columbus State University, Columbus, GA. He serves as the Chief Editor of India Facts at present. Views expressed are personal.