A Conference of the Crooked, Peddling Mischief, Provocation, and Lies

A Conference of the Crooked, Peddling Mischief, Provocation, and Lies

We were sent a “booklet,” an anti-Hindu screed, full of gory pictures, little data, or manufactured data so wild that there is no corroborative evidence that the author could have presented. The booklet is titled, “Save India from Fascism” – with the sub-heading “Justice for All”. The “booklet” was used in a presentation by a Muslim conference attendee. We believe it must have been Dr. Md Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan, whose presentation was titled, “The Right to Freedom of Religion in India and the Impact of Hindutva on Religious Minorities in the COVID-19 Era,” or by Mr. Adem Carroll who presented a paper titled “Hindutva in the USA”.

Dr. Bhuiyan is a “Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow” at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany. See the conference schedule here. Adem Carroll of “Justice for All” is conveniently hidden on the “Justice for All” website where we cannot even find out who leads this organization. When we try to do so by clicking on their “About Us” link we are taken it to a password protected page! But on their main page we can get a good look at who drives this site, and for whom they reserve justice! It is an Islamist organization masquerading as a human rights organization. Their blaring headlines on the page is a straight copy and paste from Dr Bhuiyan’s or Mr. Carroll’s presentation or vice versa, if indeed that was who that offered the screed at the ICERM conference. The main page even includes the photo of Rashad Hussain who was appointed, gratuitously, by President Biden as the “US Ambassador for Religious Freedom”. That Muslim majority countries deny equal rights to all other faith groups in their countries was completely ignored by Mr. Biden and his minions gratuitously trying to appease their vote banks! What a travesty! The Justice for All website asks us to “Stand with Indian Muslims, Uyghurs, Rohingyas, Kashmiris, Palestinians”. So, justice is reserved only for Muslims? What about the avowed goal of making the world Muslim, and Muslim leaders’ countenance if not direct support for the violence and mayhem that the so-called “individual, misguided” Muslims wreak on the world every year?

In search of Adem Carroll on Google, we come upon this bio/sketch of Mr. Carroll: “… is a New York Irish Muslim working to protect human rights. Adem completed Peace Corps service in Morocco and received a masters’ degree in Near Eastern Studies at NYU. After several years of AmericCorps program management, Adem joined Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Relief) after the 9/11 terror attacks. There he directly provided emergency legal and financial help to over 825 Muslim detainees and their families”. Ah, now we know where Mr. Adem Carroll’s sympathies lie, and where and how he disseminates lies. We are also told that Mr. Carroll “is founder and former Executive Director of Muslim Consultative Network, which works to promote inclusion, dialogue and community strengthening in New York City”. Interesting, shall we say that Adem’s presentation at this ICERM conference is titled, “Hindutva in the USA: Understanding the Promotion of Ethnic and Religious Conflict”? That this anti-Hindu bigot masquerades as a human rights activist goes to show how corrupted and bastardized the term “human rights” has become. That such extremist, violent, monopolists and supremacists can claim to be human rights activists also goes to show how much of the public space and international institutions have been hijacked, infiltrated, and commandeered by these people. They may not wear suicide vests, but they encourage violence with their lies, mischief, and provocation.

Dr. Bhuiyan, originally from Bangladesh, has studied law in Australia and Belgium we are told, but what he seems to sell is scare-mongering, targeting “Hindutva” while turning a blind eye on his country and countrymen butchering, raping, maiming Hindu men, women, and children, and robbing them of their homes, temples, and their livelihoods. See here, if you have a strong stomach and are willing to read the truth!

That the ICERM Conference this year allowed either Dr. Bhuiyan or Mr. Carroll to provoke and to lie – because there were only two presentations focusing on Hindus and India in the conference – we may wonder what exactly the real agenda of ICERM is and who guides that institution for what ends. No prize for correct guesses!

This New York City conference was held between September 27-29 – two weeks ago. Interestingly, the other presentation with an India/Hindu theme at the conference was titled, “Hindutva in the USA: Understanding the Promotion of Ethnic and Religious Conflict,” and the speaker was Adem Carroll of “Justice for All USA”.

Here are the improbable, provocative, and deceitful claims made in the four-page booklet:

  • “Hindu Parliament Awards 10 Million (what – dollars, rupees, yens, liras?) to Recruit Suicide Bombers” (Pray, what is a “Hindu Parliament,” and pray when did Hindus become suicide bombers? There is the Indian Parliament which included Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi members of parliament. Not like the legislative bodies in Muslim majority countries! Also, the tendency to blow themselves up along with innocent bystanders is a Muslim monopoly! This 2021 report published by Forbes says this: “The toll over the past decade from suicide attacks has now surpassed 31,000 dead and 57,000 injured across 45 countries. While the number of attacks remains worryingly high, it has fallen substantially since 2014, when 590 attacks were recorded”. So, to who or what “Dr” Bhuiyan or “Mr” Carroll was referring should be of vast interest to Muslim conspiracists, of whom there are also many, we believe.
    • Another headline in the pamphlet used at the ICERM conference: “To Kill 2 Million Indian Muslims To Expel 200 Million Muslims” (Dr. Bhuiyan or Mr. Carroll, if either one of them was the presenter of this screed, get their number of Muslims in India right, almost. It is 195 million, but who knows what else is calculated at the Max Planck Institute or at the shady “Justice for All” organization these days!).
    • And yet another: “Police Supports Hindu Militias Attacking Masjids & Muslim Homes…” (Hindus and Muslims have been attacking each other in India for centuries now, and India being the homeland of Hindus has withstood Islam-inspired and Muslim-led attacks for a long, long time, including after India gained independence, and after India was partitioned into an Islamic Republic of Pakistan and a “secular” India. India is one of two Hindu majority countries in the world, whereas Muslims are the majority in fifty countries, and Muslims believe the world should be made Muslim (See here, here, and here). Hindus do not have any such injunction from any authority nor from their Gods, nor do they have such supremacist beliefs, and so the onus of violence is on those who espouse supremacist, monopolist, and violent creeds, and Islam, along with Christianity, are primary offenders, with of course the Marxists/Communists being fellow travelers).
    • One more here (and there are more in that pamphlet): “As Muslims Defend Attacks on Masjid Their Homes are Demolished…” (Wherefrom this report is drawn or what the claims allude to we do not know. The number of Hindu homes and temples attacked in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even in India run to the hundreds. Dr Bhuiyan or Mr. Carroll fails to refer to that in the context of Hindu-Muslim violence in India. For the daily attack by Muslims on Hindus, in India, follow the work of OpIndia).

The pamphlet is meant to provoke, mislead, lie, and incite. So, we give you more of the messages and the images in that pamphlet so that you realize how brazen this attempt to incite hatred against Hindus and the Indian government was at this so called conference of :

  • “Prime Minister Modi – Only world leader who worships guns, as proudly displayed on his website. He is lifelong member of the RSS militia”. But then they are either fake pictures or pictures taken when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat and doing “shastra puja/ayudha puja” at a Hindu festival event. See here. Interestingly, every world leader, including the Ayatollahs in Iran, and especially the violently inclined leaders of Muslim majority nations, “worship” guns and armaments – for what else is celebrated on independence days, or victory days, or some anniversary or the other around the world? Guns, rockets, armored cars, missiles, and many, many soldiers marching in formation! What about the Saudi Arabia flag itself that includes a sword? What more can be said about the worship of violence by Muslims?
  • “660 Muslims Lynched: 12-year-old Imtiyaz Khan was lynched and hung from a tree in Jharkhand, accused of eating beef”. This claim is a mishmash of lies. The event that happened in 2016, and as reported even in an online portal committed to bringing down the BJP-led government cannot offer any clear evidence about the nature of the event that led to the killing of two young Muslim men. But where did the 660 number come from?
  • “Power of Allahu Akbar: Muskan Khan resisted attacks by RSS militias as Indian court declared hijab is not an essential part of Islam”. Here is the report on this provocateur Muslim student who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while she entered her college and she was confronted by a group of students who should “Jai Sri Ram” in response.

There is more such provocative nonsense in the four-page booklet that was used to present at the New York City conference organized by the “International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation,” started by a Nigerian Catholic priest, Basil Ugorji. That ICERM allows for lies to be peddled at their conferences makes for an interesting case study itself. They claim to “bridge theory, research, practice and policy” and that they “build partnerships for inclusion, justice, sustainable development, and peace”. It does seem to be a lucrative venture as the organization claims affiliation with the United Nations, and also that they are involved in developing “…alternative methods of preventing and resolving ethnic, racial, and religious conflicts in countries around the world. We strive to help the United Nations and Member States to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16: peace, inclusion, sustainable development, and justice”. Wonder what they have got to show for all of their claims about how they do business. See here.

Interestingly, not one of the papers presented at the conference seems to focus on China! Nor on Saudi Arabia, nor Iran, nor Turkey. And more interestingly, not one office bearer, executive leader of the organization is listed on the website, and therefore we know nothing of their faith affiliations, incomes, inclinations, political ideologies, etc. And there were two presentations about Islam, pushing the “peace” narrative: “Mosques as an Actor in the Prevention of Radicalization and Rehabilitation of Extremism” (is it not the opposite case the world over?), and “A Study of Prophet Muhammad’s Conduct on Conflict Resolutions”: what would that be — jihad lite, jihad moderate, or jihad extreme?

India and Hindus are sought to be encircled. Hindus are sought to be squeezed out of public spaces, and we are being demonized in the West, in international forums, and across the rest of the world. We know who all the actors are, and our only hope, again, is that they will form circular firing squads… or else there is very little chance of escaping from these stratagems of deceit and hate.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information in this article.

Dr. Ramesh Rao

The author is Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Communication,  Columbus State University, Columbus, GA. He serves as the Chief Editor of India Facts at present. Views expressed are personal.