Do Hindu Lives Matter? No, According to Time Magazine

Do Hindu Lives Matter? No, According to Time Magazine

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The growing Islamic extremism in India has taken an extremely violent turn after the alleged blasphemous comments made by former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Multiple innocent Hindus like Kanhaiya Lal Teli of Udaipur and Umesh Kohle have been ruthlessly murdered across India by Muslim radicals, for the “crime” of supporting Nupur Sharma. Muslim mobs also incited riots in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh opposing Nupur Sharma on June 3, 2022. Public death threats are given by Muslim mobs across India for the beheading of Nupur Sharma (1).

The hate propaganda against Hindus by the nexus of Global Left and the Islamic Ummah is reaching new heights with each passing day. To create the false impression that Islamophobia is rampant in India, some in the media and in academia have conspired to spread such a message. A report by Sanya Mansoor recently, published by TIME Magazine, titled, “Hindu Lives Matter” Emerges as Dangerous Slogan After Horrific Killing in India (2) offers such an example.

Did Nupur Sharma say derogatory things about the Prophet of Islam? 

The article claims that the man whose throat was slit by Muslim extremists “…appeared to have been targeted because he seemed to express support of derogatory remarks made about the Prophet by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma”. 

The entire Islamist outrage was built and activated based on the argument that Nupur Sharma had spoken against the Prophet of Islam. What got ignored is the fact that Sharma was responding to the insults hurled by the President of the Muslim Political Council of India, Tasleem Rehmani, on Lord Shiva in a live debate on the Times Now news channel.  Sharma quoted what has been written in official Islamic texts. This fact was acknowledged by a senior Saudi Islamic scholar, Assim Alhakeem, who has been working as an Imam at a Jeddah Mosque for the last twenty years. Alhakeem appears regularly on Huda TV and Zakir Naik’s Peace TV (3).

It turned out that the video of the Times Now debate was edited and made viral by the so-called fact-checker of the Left-leaning portal Alt News and an Islamist named Muhammad Zubair. The portion where the Muslim cleric was insulting the Shivaling and provoking other panelists was cunningly edited by Zubair, who has routinely insulted the Hindu faith multiple times, like sharing this image from a 1983 movie Kisi se na Kehna, in order to target Hindus (4). Zubair has tried to incite Islamic mobs by sharing fake news on multiple instances. In June 2021, for example, he had shared a fake muted video claiming that a Muslim person named Abdul Samad Saifi was beaten up in Ghaziabad for not chanting Jai Shri Ram. Later, it turned out that Saifi was thrashed by Muslim youths as they were upset over the amulets sold to them by Saifi (5).

India and Hindus are no strangers to Islamists hurling insults at Hindus and their deities. Even the celebrated Muslim artist, MF Hussain, had the audacity and the gumption to depict Hindu gods and goddesses in provocative and obscene poses while he would dare not go anywhere near depicting Islamic religious symbols (6). How would this artist have imagined and depicted Prophet Muhammad? Shh…

Reality of the Propaganda About Increasing Attacks on Muslims

In order to create the false impression of increasing violence against Muslims and the threat of a Hindu-led genocide of Muslims in India, we have seen an amazing number of articles and “reports” published in a variety of left-leaning media platforms in India as well as in the West. However, most of the reports are debunked with authentic data. In 2018, Swarajya Magazine published an article titled, “Selective Data on Communal Violence in India: IndiaSpend, English Media Have a Lot to Answer For”. Journalist Swati Goel Sharma exposed in the article how the English-language media used selective data to peddle the narrative of rising Hindu intolerance in India (7).

The report analysed how the flawed data on Indiaspend’s “hate tracker” was used to create the narrative that Muslims were overwhelmingly the victims and Hindus overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence. Leading media platforms like The Washington Post, Newslaundry, The Print, The Indian Express, and The Quint used Indiaspend’s manufactured data to make India look like an intolerant Hindu country.  Reposted below is the analysis by Swarajya of examples of the manufacturing and massaging of data and facts by Indiaspend from January to August 2018. The blatant bias and dishonesty are clearly visible in the reporting by the left-leaning media. And it has not stopped. In fact, we find the drumbeat of manufactured messaging increasingly, maddeningly deafening. It cannot be pure happenstance that this is so. Tracking down the media houses, the reporters and journalists, the agencies and the activists, and the institutions and their political chiefs who are all part of the network of manufacturing this false narrative of Muslim innocence and Hindu belligerence will lead us to the very same set of actors, domestic and international, who have been at this dangerous political mischief for decades.

 January 2018

February 2018

April 2018

May 2018

July 2018

 August 2018

Due to the ideological and vested interests of the mainstream English and global media, the attacks by Islamists on Hindus are either ignored or subverted, as seen above. Again, this is not just happenstance but part of the deep, devious, long-term campaign by a variety of religious, ideological, global, and local forces who want to undermine India and destroy India’s foundational Hindu ethos. A just released report by the Network Contagion Lab at Rutgers University in the United States concludes that there is a sharp rise in hate speech directed against Hindus across social media platforms (8).

Hiding the Increasing Threat of Islamic Extremism in India

Sanya Mansoor, TIME magazine’s reporter, to support her assertions, seeks the help of “political experts”, who she says “…call that (“Hindu Lives Matter”) dangerous, risking the amplification of a heinous but isolated crime into an assertion of systemic violence against Hindus, who make up some 80% of India’s 1.2 billion people”.

The horrific killing of the Hindu tailor in Udaipur is not an isolated incident of violence as claimed by the author. In recent years, murders and attacks on Hindu activists have increased across India similar to how genuine Hindu voices of dissent in pre-partition India were silenced: not only of the otherwise publicized killings of Swami Shraddhanand (9) and Mahashay Rajpal of Lahore by Muslim radicals (10) but the hundreds of ordinary Hindus across the country who have been slaughtered by them, routinely, across the decades.

The following recent incidents display a clear pattern of the rise of targeted killings of Hindus by Islamists:

  • Founder of the Hindu Samaj Party, Kamlesh Tiwari, was stabbed and shot dead in October 2019 in Lucknow (11).
  • In January 2018, a Hindu youth named Chandan Gupta was shot dead in Kasganj of Uttar Pradesh while passing through a Muslim locality. Gupta was participating in the Tiranga rally when it was passing through the Muslim neighbourhood. Gupta’s parents claimed that their son was shot at since he refused to say “Pakistan Zindabad” (12).
  •  In February 2021, 26-year-old Bajrang Dal activist, Rinku Sharma, was murdered in cold blood in Delhi by a Muslim mob for celebrating the Bhoomi Pujan of Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Mandir. The tragic irony is that, just a year ago, Rinku Sharma had donated blood to one of the murderer’s pregnant wife when she was hospitalized in critical condition (13).
  • In February 2022, 27-year-old Kishan Bharwad was shot dead by two Muslims in Dhandhuka of Gujarat, for the alleged blasphemy he committed by sharing a post regarding the Islamic prophet. The murderers were guided by Qamar Gani Usmani associated with Tahreek Farogh-e-Islam, who was arrested a year ago in connection with the riots in Tripura (14).

Targeted killings of Hindus are not the only way genocidal jihad is being planned and carried out in India. We need to look at what happened in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the late 1980s and thereafter leading to the mass exodus of Hindus from the state. Instead, we have Sanya Mansoor and TIME magazine blaming the BJP-ruled India of “chipping away at the political autonomy of India’s only Muslim-majority state, Jammu and Kashmir”. What she does not find worth mentioning is the fact that the greatest mass exodus in independent India was that of the last surviving indigenous Hindu community of Kashmir Valley. The minority Hindu Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homeland in January 1990 due to the violent jihad unleashed against them by the local Islamists. Mansoor, a Kashmiri, should be well aware that establishing Nizam-e-Mustafa (Rule of Islam) in Kashmir is considered the first step in achieving the goal of Ghazwa-e-Hind (Islamization of India) (15). We can very well surmise therefore that TIME magazine is colluding in that project of making India Muslim.

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The increasing threats by Islamic radicals is forcing Hindu exodus in various parts of India (16). While defining the Hindu-Muslim conflict on the criteria of majority vs minority, it must be remembered that Islamic imperialism has claimed almost 33 percent of sacred Hindu land in the form of Islamic Republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh. While the Muslim population in India rose from 9.8 percent in 1951 to 14.2 in 2011, the Hindu population declined from 84.1 percent in 1951 to 79.8 percent in 2011 (17). On the other hand, Hindu population in the Muslim-majority Pakistan dwindled from 15 percent in 1947 to mere 1.6% in 1998 due to the constant persecution (18). What the remaining Hindu population has faced over the past two decades are continuing threats and intimidation, abductions, forced conversions, and life as second-class citizens (19).

Demographic changes through illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims have forced Hindus in the border districts of Assam and West Bengal to flee their homes. Most of the border districts of West Bengal and Assam are now Muslim majority due to the large-scale Hindu exodus. West Bengal saw brutal violence against workers of the BJP and Hindu activists, after the 2021 Vidhan Sabha elections, with many of them ruthlessly murdered in broad daylight (20).

Large parts of India are now unofficial Islamic enclaves. There are reports of Hindus forced to leave their homes in Muslim majority areas of western Uttar Pradesh like Kairana (21, 22). Hindus in various localities of Bharuch in Gujarat are forced to leave their homes due to the constant harassment by the growing population of Islamic radicals (23). In 2014, a Jain sadhvi (nun) in a letter addressed to the President of India, the Governor of Gujarat, the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Gujarat, informed them about the harassment she was facing in Gopipura of Surat by Islamic radicals. Gopipura, which used to be a traditionally Jain locality in Surat city, has now slowly turned into a Muslim majority area (24). In November 2021, an Islamic conversion racket was exposed in Gujarat, where foreign funds were used to lure poor Hindu tribals of the state to Islam, by offering them money, food, jobs, clothes, and education (25).

The following incidents are a clear sign of the increasing assertion being displayed by Islamists in India, which is altogether different from the false image of the rising Islamophobia in India reported in the mainstream Indian and western media:

  1. The unprecedented increase in the Muslim population in Jamtara district of Jharkhand – where Muslims now constitute almost 70 percent of the district’s population and has forced more than 100 government schools to change their weekly holiday from Sunday to Friday (holy day of Jumma in Islam) (26). The decision was taken after the local Muslim community exerted pressure on the authorities.
  2. The Islamic radicalization in the form of Salafism in large parts of eastern India (West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar) was reported by Swarajya magazine in 2017. The report narrated the story of the growing influence of the Middle East (Gulf) countries who have sponsored Salafism that has gained mass support in Kebala town of West Bengal (27):

What is alarming is that it is not just in Malda’s Kebala that this dangerous transformation has taken place. West Bengal and Assam are dotted with a thousand Kebalas where Saudi Wahhabis have spread their poisonous ideas. Salafist seminaries and madrassas have mushroomed with Saudi financing and Salafi preachers are present in a majority of the cities, towns and villages that have a sizeable Muslim presence in the two states….

What’s more, Salafi preachers and evangelists of the Tablighi Jamaat have been silently converting Hindus belonging to the disadvantaged sections — the so-called lower castes and the impoverished — to their brand of Islam. Such conversions are not reported and the converts do not record their change of religion with the authorities immediately in order to avoid scrutiny and set alarm bells ringing. What is also cause for great concern is that a growing number of radicalised youths from these areas are joining extremist and terrorist outfits.

In April 2020, the then Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission and founder of the Milli Gazette, Zafarul Islam Khan, posted a message on Facebook in which he provoked Hindus by calling them Hindutva bigots and threatened them with an “avalanche” by Muslims of the country (28). The post praised the notorious Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and 18th century Islamist, Shah Walliuallah Dehlavi, the person who invited Ahmed Shah Abdali to attack India after the downfall of the Mughal empire and the rise of the Maratha empire.

The Real Picture of “Cow Vigilantism”:

The TIME magazine article by Sanya Mansoor pushes the envelope further: “Between May 2015 and December 2018, Human Rights Watch reported attacks on at least 44 people—36 of them Muslims—and many of them led by so-called cow protection groups that often have ties to right-wing Hindu groups”.

Cows have been revered in Indian civilization for thousands of years from the starting phase of the Vedic era. Cow slaughter in India became rampant after the establishment of Islamic sultanates, carried out to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Since the 19th century, cow slaughter has been one of the major flash points in Hindu-Muslim conflicts. Therefore, Gau-Raksha (cow protection) became an integral part of Hindu renaissance and Hindu resistance in modern India.

The murder of Akhlaq in Dadri of Uttar Pradesh in 2015 was used internationally to create the narrative of cow vigilantism in India. The broader picture of cattle theft, cow slaughter, and provocation of Hindus was completely excised. Cross-border cattle smuggling by Muslim criminals is a major law and order issue across India. Millions of cows that are slaughtered in illegal slaughterhouses of India and neighbouring Muslim-majority Bangladesh originate in India. They are stolen from poor Hindu farmers in the villages of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, and Odisha. Cows are not only worshiped by these farmers; their livelihood depends upon these cattle. Stolen cows are slaughtered on a large scale in illegal slaughterhouses across India. Cows stolen from across the country are sold at a premium in illegal slaughterhouses, who then sell their meat to make money.

Demand for beef has increased in recent years in Bangladesh as well as the demand for leather. However, the country does not have enough cows to meet the demand. According to the data provided by Bangladesh’s Department of Livestock Services (DLS) in 2017, the country requires 71 lakh tons of meat annually, but it produces 62 lakh tons (29). Due to such high demand in Bangladesh for beef, cow smuggling has become an extremely profitable business.

The cattle smuggling business across the India-Bangladesh border is worth crores of rupees, with an estimated 1.5 million to 2 million (15 lakh to 20 lakh) cows smuggled across the border every year (30). About 60,000 cattle are smuggled out of India into Bangladesh on a daily basis, which indicates the enormous scale of the trafficking. This illegal cross-border trade is estimated to be worth Rs 5,000 crore to 10,000 crore (more than $1.5 billion) a year (31). As per the data published in the Hindustan Times, between 2009 and 2016, Rajasthan police registered over 3,000 cases of cow smuggling in the state. About 6,000 people were arrested for the crime and over 2,700 vehicles were seized, which were used for cattle smuggling (32). The cattle mafia is extremely dangerous and fearless, who show no inhibition in violently attacking even the law enforcement officers and animal rights activists if they try to inspect illegal slaughterhouses or report against them.

In this context, we have to note the intellectual dishonesty of India’s so-called “liberals and progressives” class and their response to the murder of Junaid, a Muslim youth, in 2017. The fight which led to his murder started over a seat in a train, but the false angle of beef was inserted into the incident to paint a picture of “innocent Muslims” and “vigilante Hindus”. The country’s liberal elite who took to social media and the streets on the “not in my name” campaign, has showed gross insensitivity and have not once acknowledged the brutal murder of Hindus by the Muslim cow smuggling mafia. In the same year, 2015, when the Akhlaq “lynching” incident took place, a Gau Rakshak named Prashant Poojary was hacked to death in Karnataka’s Moodabidri town by cow smugglers. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai justified the murder invoking the deceased’s association with Bajrang Dal and saying that Bajrang Dal has “self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities” (33). The term “lynching” is itself a calculated rhetorical import to equate the organized lynching of Blacks by Whites with the sporadic and violent pushback against cattle smugglers and the cattle mafia.

Following are some of the incidents of murderous assaults by the cattle mafia as reported in OpIndia in 2017 (34):

  • In October 2015, sub-Inspector Manoj Mishra was shot dead by cattle smugglers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.
  • In February 2016, Vishwa Hindu Parishad activist, Arun Kumar Mahaur, belonging to the Dalit community was shot dead in Ghaziabad for running campaigns against illegal cow slaughter and slaughterhouses.
  • In August 2016, 56-year-old policeman, Triloki Tiwari, was crushed to death by cow smugglers in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

In August 2018, two sadhus (Hindu saints) were brutally murdered by cattle smugglers in the Bhayanak Nath Temple in Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh. As the sadhus used to raise their voice against illegal cow smuggling and slaughtering in the area, their tongue was chopped off to send a message to those who dare raise their voice against cow smuggling and slaughter (35). The horrific murder of the sadhus in Auraiya failed to find place in the database of Indiaspend. The justification given was that the “smugglers are motivated by profit and not by hate” (36).

Thus, it is clearly visible that the picture of the violence related to cattle smuggling, cattle theft, illegal slaughterhouses, shown by the mainstream Indian and global media is absolutely flawed. Due to political vested interests, gau rakshaks or the cow protectors are falsely shown as fanatics attacking innocent Muslims. But the reality is, Hindus are forced to resort to extreme means in rural and semi urban parts of India, where there are few police to monitor such activity, as their struggle is against an armed and dangerous international mafia. The murder/attacks/lynching of Hindus by the Islamic cattle mafia gets ignored or is even countenanced by the mainstream media whose favourite pastime is to mock “cow worship” and “sacred cows”. 

Is Love Jihad a Hoax?

The Left-Liberal media has tried to brush aside the claims that Hindu girls are targeted by Muslim youth for conversion into Islam as a Hindutva conspiracy theory. Sanya Mansoor’s Time magazine article has also tried to make a case of Muslim persecution in the “Love Jihad” issue. However, the reality is that there are enough cases available to support the existence of planned conspiracy by Islamists to target Hindu girls:

  • In 2014, national level shooter, Tara Shadeo from Ranchi, complained that she married Ranjit Kohli as per Hindu rituals, but he turned out to be a Muslim named Raqibul Hasan Khan. Khan insisted on having a “Nikaah” after the wedding and tortured her to accept Islam (37).
  • When Subhologna Chakraborty of West Bengal found out that the real identity of her bridegroom was Sheikh Sultan, the wedding was called off. Subhologna was shot dead, and both her parents injured by Sultan (38).
  • In October 2020, a 21-year-old Hindu girl, Nikita Tomar, was shot dead in broad daylight in Ballabgarh, Faridabad by two Muslim youths — Tauseef and Rehan — after she refused to convert to Islam and marry Tauseef (39).

It must be noted that while the secular media has tried to make “Love Jihad” a “Hindutva conspiracy theory,” the fact is that not only Hindu organisations, but various Christian denominations of Kerala have also routinely alleged that Christian girls are targeted by Muslim youth. The Syro-Malabar Church of Kerala, the second-largest Eastern Catholic Church in the world, claimed in 2020 that Christian girls are being targeted and killed in the name of love jihad (40).

The Kerala High Court in 2009, while confirming the signs of “love jihad” in the state made the following observations (41):

  • 3,000 to 4,000 religious conversions had taken place in the last three to four years, involving converting girls from other religions to Islam after enticing them to marry Muslim boys.
  • Some police reports indicated a concerted effort to convert girls of a particular religion to another with the blessings of some outfit, which gives indications of forceful religious conversions.
  • As per the police reports, fundamentalist outfits like the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Campus Front have roots in college campuses in various cities of the state.

The radical Islamic group – the Popular Front of India (PFI) — based in Kerala’s Muslim majority district of Malappuram, has been frequently accused of conducting religious conversions to Islam in the guise of a charitable organisation. In a sting operation done by the India Today in 2017, the President of the Women’s Wing of PFI (Sathya Sarani), A S Zainaba admitted to proselytizing about 5,000 non-Muslim women into Islam.  Zainaba explained how conversion centres are disguised as charitable or educational establishments, to prevent any backlash.  Zainaba is suspected of playing a key role in the controversial love-jihad case of Kerala: the marriage between Hadiya (previously named Akhila Asokan), with Shafin Jahan of PFI (42).

The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, was approached by multiple women in 2016 seeking help in tracking down their young daughters who had disappeared after marrying young Muslim men and then being converted to Islam. One of the women, Bindu, hailing from north Kerala was the mother of a girl named Nimisha. Bindu reported that her daughter was lured by a man, got married and converted to Islam, who after a few months, called from Afghanistan. The local police suspected that this girl had gone over with her husband to Syria to join the ISIS (43). Later, many such more non-Muslim families reported similar stories like that of Bindu.

It must be noted that one of the four terrorists who were involved in the terror attack on a Sikh Gurudwara in Kabul in March 2020 hailed originally from Kasargod of Kerala. The 30-year-old shopkeeper Mohammed Sajid Kuthirulmmal had fled along with 14 other youths from Kerala to join the Islamic State (ISIS) four years ago (44).


Such blatant Hinduphobia and the planned violence and attacks against Hindus by Islamic radicals across India show that far from being a suppressed or marginalized population, Islamists in India are an extremely strong and organized community. They receive international support from the Islamic Ummah along with State support in the form of minority appeasement. Hindus in India on the other hand are devoid of any strong community support and completely dependent on the hostile secular state machinery, which is deeply involved in Muslim appeasement politics. The Left-leaning intellectual class of India that controls major media houses is hostile towards Hindus and their civilizational ethos and gives the Islamist agenda an intellectual base. Sanya Mansoor comes from that stable of activist, Hinduphobic journalists, who are now part of the international cabal of Islamist appeasers.

Hindus are fighting multiple battles of narratives and survival in their last remaining homeland. The ongoing civilizational clash between Hindu communities and the Islamic Ummah is going to get intensified as the Ummah enablers are now ensconced in the most powerful political, media, academic and business institutions across the world.


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Dhvanit Goswami

Dhvanit Goswami has an M.Phil in Mass Communication and Journalism. His areas of interest are Hinduism, media, politics, and history. He writes on Hindutva and narrative building. His Twitter handle is @ Anvikshikee