Dogma: The German Refugee Crisis

Dogma: The German Refugee Crisis

The word ‘dogma’ is of Greek origin, in which it meant settled opinion or tenet. The word is also etymologically related to the word doctrine. Despite having migrated from Greek via various other Romance language and finally into English, the meaning and the form of the word has remained unchanged. Certainly, this word dogma has been doggedly dogmatic in terms of maintaining itself though centuries of time and thousands of miles of distances.

Even in modern day English language the word dogma means a settled opinion, which is opposed to ‘investigated and thought-through opinion’. Hence, by design, dogmas are not to be reviewed, reassessed and reexamined, but to be heedlessly accepted and fought for despite all evidence to the contrary.

Now let us consider some of the practical implications of dogmas from recent history. In January 2016, then 24-year-old German politician Serin Gören, who is a spokesperson of the youth organisation of a German leftist political party “Die Linke” was raped by three men who spoke Arabic and possibly Kurdish at one o’clock at night near a playing area of a park in Mannheim. This young political activist also considers herself feminist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, socialist and all those –ists which endear Leftists in general. She had been in the Middle-East for helping the refugees fleeing from the Islamic State(ISIS). She was also very active in helping “refugees” in Germany as well.

Selin had a tiff with her grandparents, who had come from Anatolia (Turkey) to visit her in Mannheim. Her conversations with her grandparents turned political. Her grandparents praised Turkish president Erdogan and said that all Kurds were evil terrorists. They even complained about Selin’s clothes, especially her blouse, which was too translucent to be normal for them. After an argument with her grandparents, angered Selin left home and went out alone in the night. After wandering for a while she ended-up swinging on a swing at a play area in a public park. As she entered that place, she could hear some apparently drunk young men talking to each other in Arabic and possibly in Kurdish. She had her headphones tucked into her ears and started to swing lightly on that swing with a loud music, just so that she could forget about her surroundings and perhaps also the bitter conversations with her grandparents.

After a while those three men came closer to her from behind and made her fall from the swing. As she began to run, they caught her down, got her down on her knees and held her neck tightly. While two of them began to rape her, the third person verbally abused her. After a while she bit one of them and ran away. By that time, they had taken away her wallet and other valuables. She ran into a secluded place and rang the emergency number told the police about the theft. The police car came to her. Their first question, “was that you, who called us?” was okay to her, but she was angered by their second question, “were they refugees, who did that to you?”. She found that second question racially prejudiced. She decided not to tell them about rape and told them only about theft. She even went on to tell them that the group of accused was a racially mixed one and that they spoke in German language.

According to what she said in the German media like Der Spiegel and Das Erste, that night was among her toughest nights and she could not sleep at all because of shame she felt. She went to her boyfriend and told him about what happened. The next day she was still traumatized. She decided to tell her boyfriend about rape as well. Her well-meaning boyfriend wanted to console her, but was angry about her lies. Selin was also a member of some Facebook group of about 60 members, which was supposedly a “Safe Space” for weaker genders. She posted about her rape in that group in Facebook. Amongst the responses to her post the members posted and complained about their own cases of sexual assaults and also about the pointlessness of complaining to the police. Her boyfriend returned from his classes and told her about many other reported rape cases in the surrounding areas of the city including the one near a water-tower in the neighborhood itself. He also told her about the Arabic-looking appearances of the rapists, who were still not caught by the police.

Selin, perhaps dogmatized by her own political worldview, was under the delusion that she was doing a noble thing by not reporting to the police about her rape and about the possible ethnic origins of her rapists. She thought that it would help her political opponents, who according to her were racist bigots and Nazis. She didn’t want her political opponents to gain from her victimhood. There were also reports of some refugee camps in some cities of Germany being attacked and burned down. Selin, admittedly, didn’t want the refugee camps in her city Mannheim burned down by her political opponents. One should also note that just a few weeks ago, on the New Year’s eve, there were cases of mass sexual assaults on German girls and women across many towns and cities of Germany, most notably in the city of Cologne. The newly arrived “refugees” from Syria, Iraq and North Africa were suspects in these mass sexual assaults. The media, although didn’t want to discuss these issues, miserably failed to cover it up for longer than a week. What was more sickening was the series of statements made by female, leftist, feminist politicians. What was even more sickening was the way right before the public in television studios the victims were brazenly put under moral tests by having to answer, if those experiences changed their opinions about the “refugees”. The victims, obviously, answered in the most politically correct way possible. This takes us to those famous words of English writer and philosopher G K Chesterton, “in truth, there are only two kinds of people; those who accept dogma and know it, and those who accept dogma and don’t know it.” 

After hearing about incidents of rapes committed by Arab-looking men in the city, Selin felt guilty about not reporting about her rape. She thought she must report about it as those Arab men could continue to rape more women. She went to the police and reported to them about her rape as well. She later went to public health officer as well. She came home after two days. That evening she read an online report of a local news portal “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. And all hell broke loose. She came to know about one of the rape cases told to her by her boyfriend, the one near a water-tower, to be fake. She was angry at the woman, who falsely reported about it. She also read about her case published in an online news portal. She was shocked to see the hate she received from across the political spectrum – one for deliberately accusing ethnic German of theft and the other for reporting about her rape by foreign “refugees”. This led to her infamous post on Facebook, which she later deleted.

Dear male refugees,

perhaps of my age. Perhaps some years younger. A little bit older.

I am terribly sorry.

Almost a year ago I have seen the hell that you have fled.

I was not at the exact problem area, I had visited the humans in a refugee camp in South Kurdistan. I have seen many grandmothers who had to take care of many orphaned children. I have seen the eyes of those children, some of whom haven’t lost the twinkle in their eyes. However, I have also seen the children, whose eyes were blank and traumatizing. I was with about 20 Yazidi children, who were showing me some Arabic letters during a mathematics lessons – I still remember (know) how a young girl started to cry when she saw merely a chair fall. I have seen a whiff of hell that you have fled. I have not seen what had happened before that. I didn’t have to experience your ordeal of grueling escape. 

I am happy that you have managed to come here (Germany/safer country). I am happy that you have been able to leave behind the war and IS(IS) and that you didn’t not drown the Mediterranean Sea.

But, I’m afraid you are not safe here. 

The refugee camps that have been set on fire, violent attacks on refugees and a brown mob (refers to Nazis, as brown was the color of Nazi uniform) that marches through the streets. I have always fought against all these things. I wanted an open Europe, a nice (friendly) Europe, a Europe in which I would love to live and a Europe where both of us would be safe. I am sorry. I am unbelievably sorry for both of us. 

You, you are not safe, because we are living in a racist society.

I, I am not safe, because we are living in a sexist society.

But, what I am really sorry about is the situation. This situation where I have been handled in a sexist way and transgressed will use used for subjecting you to increasing and ever aggressive racism. 

I promise to you. I would cry out (shout). I will not let it happen anymore. I can’t sit without doing anything and just let it happen that the racists and worries citizens call you a problem. 

You are not the problem. You are absolutely not the problem at all. Mostly, you are a wonderful person, who deserves to be free and safe just like everyone else. 

Thank you, that you exist – and it is beautiful that you are there. 

#refugeeswelcome #sexismknowsnoplaceoforigin

One of the reasons Selin chooses not to concede anything in favor of reason is tribalism. Even though she was born in Germany, she claims to be an immigrant just because she is not ethnically German. Not being German gives her a very potent weapon of moral authority for reminding Germans of their racism.

There has been an immense public pressure on girls not to talk about sexual assaults committed by men with foreign appearances. One of many such cases was reported in a local news portal by name “Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung” (HNA). It was about two teenage girls aged between 16 and 18 were repeatedly sexually molested and groped between their legs in buses and trams while commuting between their homes and school. These young school girls were shocked, but since the perpetrators were not White Europeans, they were hesitant to complain for the fear of being branded racists. They later confided in their teacher and received help from a therapist. This case emboldened other girls in the school to talk about their experiences as well. Alas, such is the Orwellian State! In the words of Anaïs Nin, “when we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons.”

Selin’s is not the only case, where a vocal supporter of “refugees” was victimized by the “refugees” themselves. In the same southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where Selin’s rape took place, there was another far more brutal case of rape and murder by an Iranian “refugee” Hussein Khavari. A 19-year old daughter of a high ranked EU bureaucrat Clemens Ladenburger and a medical student Maria was returning from a university party “Big Medi Night” on her bicycle. It was 16th of October 2016 at 3 o’clock at night. Hussein made her fall from her bicycle, dragged her to a slopy bank of the river Dreisam, raped her, strangled her and threw her into the river Dreisam. Her dead body was found on the banks of the river by a jogger at 08:41 Hrs. Maria’s body had several bite-marks. The day after he had raped Maria, he had boasted with one of his friends about having raped a young German girl like a wild animal. He had even expressed his desire to rape another girl of Chinese origin. Hussein was finally arrested in December 2016.

Although Hussein was from Iran, but he had come to Europe by claiming to be an unaccompanied under-aged refugee from Afghanistan. He had already raped a 12-year old girl in his Iran itself. He arrived in Greece in 2013, where he was involved in criminal activities. In Corfu (Greece), he had attacked a young Greek student for stealing her valuables and in the process pushed her down from a rocky cliff of about 10 meters deep. Fortunately for that girl, she was a trained mountain climber by hobby. She managed to land properly and thereby reduced the damage caused by falling from a cliff. She complained to the police. After almost 10 months from the incident, he was caught by the Greek police. Since he was an under-aged criminal he convicted to be imprisoned for maximum of 10 years in Volos. Later his application for asylum too was rejected. But, within the next 20 months he was released under general amnesty for under-aged criminals. He left Greece, joined the stream of “refugees” and went to Germany as a minor again.

During the investigations and trials following his arrest in December 2016 in Germany, all his antecedents came to light. It was conclusively proven not only that he was well over twenty years old when he raped Maria, but also that he was not a minor during his stay in Greece as well. Maria’s parents have started a Maria Ladenburger Stiftung, a charitable trust in their daughter’s name. A civilian award was conferred on them this year.

Another high-profile case involves Jennifer Weist, famous for her anti-AfD song before the elections in the northwestern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Her boyfriend was attacked by a gang of thieves and they attempted to cut his throat. He somehow managed to survive that attack. Jennifer Weist posted the picture of her boyfriend’s stitches on the neck and warned people to be careful on some streets in Berlin. This Facebook post received thousands of comments, some of which contained anti-multi-culti opinions. Jennifer reacted by counter accusations of racism and even played down the culprits as “three young boys”!

There have been many such cases, where the Leftist activists supporting the cause of “refugees” themselves were victims of their beloved guests.

On 7 November 2015, there was a Refugees Welcome Party was held in Bonn. There was a free entry for “refugees”, whereas other had to pay an entry fee of 5 Euros. The “refugees” ended up molesting and groping unsuspecting liberal women during that party.

In 2016, a leftist cultural center Conne Island in Leipzig started an integration project with the asylum seekers. There were about 500 guests. Out of those only 20-50 men from “refugee” community used to participate with the leftist activists. Soon the organizers started getting complains about ugly behavior of men from the “refugee” community, which became intolerable after some point. In the end, they closed the “integration project”.

In 2016 in Dortmund two teenage Arabic-speaking boys from Maghreb region attacked a transgender couple and wanted to stone them to death!

In 2017 a club for leftists in Augsburg had to appeal for more safety because of “refugees” from Gambia. These “refugees” were involved in brawls, thefts, vandalizing and of course, sexual assault on women.

July 2018, another story on integration. The Antifa organized a local football tournament for showcasing “tolerance, integration and courage”, which ended up in a brawl between African and Arab players. Following which this event had to be stopped.

In 2018, Aras, a 20-year old “refugee” from Syria, who was so beloved of the Leftists that he was even writing blogs for Huffington Post educating the Germans how prejudiced they were about the asylum seekers. He was found guilty of molesting and groping German teenage girls from his class aged between 17 and 18.

Talking of “Rolemodel Refugees”, there was one more case of murder of a millionaire who was a host to one of them. Last November 2018, the host was found dead at his. His friend “refugee” Mohammed Omran was arrested.

In January 2018, another “refugee” Mohammed H. attempted to murder his boss 64-year old German Hair Salon owner Ilona. She was in love with his and hence she had brought him to her city and gave him a job. He attacked her with a shaving blade on her stomach, breasts and throat, after which he shouted some words in Arabic language.

Another love story. This time a 26-year old Pakistani “refugee” – Nadeem Akram. End of February 2017 Nadeem’s application for asylum was rejected by the German authorities and he had to be deported back to Pakistan. Till his application was rejected he was staying with 56-year old Barbara Schwager, who had no man in her life for 16 years till she found Nadeem. She went all the way to Toscana (Italy) and tried to get him back to Germany via Austria. She was caught by the German authorities and was put into a pre-trial custody for 16 days. She was later convicted to be imprisoned for seven months. Nadeem was sent to deportation centre. However, in June he appeared before her again. She lost no time in taking him in her car all the way to San Giovanni Valdarno in Italy. She had planned to marry him that summer. He slapped her and ran away from her.

All the cases of Leftist gangs falling prey to their own dogmas have failed to address the real driving force behind these crimes. They blame racism, sexism, patriarchy, poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, drug abuse, war related trauma etc. They conveniently forget that the Moslem refugees drown Christian refugees by throwing them from their boats while on their way to Christian dominated Europe. They hardly talk of non-Moslem refugees in refugee camps facing threats of violent attacks from the Moslem refugees in refugee camps.

The “refugees” are over-represented in crime statistics. The Leftists attribute that to male dominated demography of “refugees”. Well over two-thirds of “refugees” are male with an average age of 29 years and hence higher crimes – blame toxic masculinity. They, however, conveniently ignore the fact that historically two-thirds of refugees are women and small children as in case of refugees fleeing Balkan wars and this new stream of “refugees” has an entirely inverted demographic pattern. “The death of dogma is the birth of morality,” in the words of German philosopher Immanuel Kant. But, the Leftists claim moral high-ground by putting the lives of fellow citizens and future of coming generations at risk. Probably, this is what dogma does to morality. In Britain, the crimes of “grooming gangs”, which is just a euphemism for Moslem rape gangs, have been systematically hidden and not promptly acted against. They waste no sweat in calling them “Asian” or “South Asian” even though well over 90% of the culprits are of Pakistani Moslem background. In Germany, some publications blocked comments sections for all articles related to migrant-crisis, in order to prevent people posting “hate comments”. There were people fined for Facebook posts related to migrant-crisis in Germany and in Austria some have even lost their jobs.

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