List of Chennai-based Evangelical organizations receiving foreign funding

List of Chennai-based Evangelical organizations receiving foreign funding

Chennai has 545 organizations of various hues engaged in various activities impacting public life and society, and operating in various spheres in the non-profit (NGO) and/or charitable sector, which received foreign funding. These organizations are registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs and have submitted their annual FCRA returns.

Of these, a significant number are directly run by the Church or are affiliated to one or the other Church denomination or are missionary organizations. The foreign funding received by these evangelical organizations shown in the following graphic are for the year 2011-12. They are ranked in the order of the sum they have received–the organization that received the highest funding is ranked at 1 and so on.

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The total amount received by these Evangelical organizations based out of Chennai and its suburbs during the year 2011-12 is INR 543.97 crores.

The IndiaFacts team thanks Sigh Baboo for his inputs and data analysis.

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