Muslims attack Hindu village at Gazipur

Muslims attack Hindu village at Gazipur

On the night of 20 April 2015 a gang of Muslim miscreants vandalized four idols at a Hindu temple in Bonogram area of Gazipur city in Bangladesh. The gang also looted several houses in the area. Six people were injured in the attacks on Sunday night.

Quoting locals, Joydebpur police station officer-in-charge Khandaker Rezaul Hasan Reza said one Rafiqul Islam led the attacks.The officer also stated Rafiqul is accused of several cases, including arm case. According to witnesses some 50 to 60 miscreants came to the area that night. The miscreants fired several bullets in front of Bonogram Sree Sree Sodhonno Kripamoyee Kali Mondir as per the statements of the local witnesses.

The attackers also vandalized several idols of Hindu deities, the Officer in Charge of the Rajendrapure Police station added.  The miscreants also vandalized some 20 to 25 houses belonging to Hindus.   Owners of the victim houses included Surendra Chandra Borman, Lal Mohon Barman, Sunil Chandra Barmon, Shatindra Barmon,Nironjon Chandra Barmon. Monindra Chandra Mondol president of the Bangladesh Puja Celebration Committee Gazipur district unit condemned the attacks and demanded the authorities to take steps to arrest the people involved in the incidents.

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Gazipur Executive Magistrate Sattajit Roy Dash said they would take legal action against the culprits soon. Gazipur Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Nurul Islam, Gazipur Police Superintendent Harun-or-Rashid and Joydebpur police station Officer-in-Charge Khandaker Rezaul Hasan visited the spot Monday afternoon.

During the visit, the DC assured the people of taking proper care of the injured people and repairing the damaged temple and idols but the local Hindus claim that the police is playing a dual role . Many Hindu families have sent their women to the relatives staying farther from Bonogram in order to prevent them from getting raped.

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