The First, Major Reckoning!

SB403 is dead! The global conclave of Islamists, Christian conservatives, Khalistanis, Left-Marxist Extremists, Suppers at the Soros Trough, the social justice warriors masquerading as journalists and academics, the provocative poseurs of the Thenmozhi tribe, the politicians who either don’t have a spine or who are willing to hunt with the hounds, and the manufacturers of fake outrage have had their first reckoning! Governor Newsom of California has vetoed SB403, and called it as it should have been called. His veto can’t be the final reckoning in this matter as this anti-India, anti-Hindu international bands of bigots are all believers in some kind of “Biblical truth” about how they will be “saved,” and we will all go to hell. Gov. Newsom does not call this Bill, introduced by an Afghan Islamist, and passed by the California Legislature, as malicious, mischievous, and provocative nonsense, but his office has couched his judgment on this matter in mild officialese as they are usually couched but conveying the sense that it is nothing but vulgar nonsense. See here:



Sen. Aisha Wahab (D), who conspired with the worst of extremists of her own ilk and similar violent groups got a lot of press. Just Google “403B” and “Aisha Wahab” and you will come across thousands of articles, reports, opinion pieces, and analyses all arguing why it is important to introduce into these United States a “caste clause” in anti-discrimination laws. For a sample of such reporting, see here, here, here, here, and here. Wahab, whose father was murdered in Afghanistan, and whose mother died soon after, seems to have had no interest in introducing any bill that would actually take on Islamic/Muslim extremism and violence – either in her home country of Afghanistan or here in her adopted country of the United States or around the world. She has not spoken as vehemently and consistently against what her Muslim brethren have done to her own and the Hindu and Sikh populations in Afghanistan, now reduced to numbers in the single digits, as she has about “caste discrimination”. What gives? She does not seem to care that India, and its majority Hindu taxpayers, have spent billions of dollars in helping her country regain some peace and stability, and build its infrastructure. But, somehow, this Islamist, masquerading as a liberal, progressive legislator, has time to target Hindus in her state of California. What a vicious provocateur!

There are many tonight around the world who are busy at their computers expressing distress that the wokest of woke states has rejected the clever ploy to target India and Hindus. Governor Newsom has been talked about as a potential presidential candidate, and the busy forces of political brinkmanship must be chewing their nails this weekend plotting to weaken him. That is good because the only way we will have some relief from these forces of extremism is when they begin to form circular firing squads.

May their tribes weaken!

And may there be some relief for the very hardworking, patient, courageous individuals and groups who have sought to speak for Hindus, for India, for sanity, and for true freedom of speech, thought, and practice….

Dr. Ramesh Rao

The author is Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Communication,  Columbus State University, Columbus, GA. He serves as the Chief Editor of India Facts at present. Views expressed are personal.