Weekly Hindu Persecution Digest:11 January-18 January 2015

Weekly Hindu Persecution Digest:11 January-18 January 2015

1. Facing Intolerance, many Sikhs and Hindus leave Afghanistan

Report: Rawail Singh, a leader of Kabul’s Sikh community stated that he worries that his tiny religious minority community could disappear entirely from Afghanistan as more and more Sikhs and Hindus leave their homeland because of persistent discrimination and harassment. Otar Singh, the head of Afghanistan’s Hindu and Sikh community and a former member of parliament, said conditions are worse under Afghanistan’s democratic government than they were during the Taliban’s severe rule in the late 1990s.


2.  Hindu Nursing lecturer murdered In Bangladesh by Muslim Student Group

Report: Chittagong Nursing Institute lecturer Ms Anjali Debi Chaudhuri was brutally killed by unknown assailants from the Islamic Chattra Shibir, the student wing of Jamat E Islami Bangladesh. The murderers were angered because she told the nursing students to follow the dress code of the institute and not to wear Hijab. She was brutally attacked in broad daylight and killed.


3. Muslim militants in Bangladesh destroy about seventy idols of  Saraswati

Report: On the midnight of 12 January, a group of Muslim militants destroyed about seventy idols of the Hindu goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, at Palpara which falls under the district of Faridpur in Bangladesh. No arrest has been made so far.

Source: Ground report sent to IndiaFacts.

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