West Bengal: Muslim goons vandalize Harinaam Yagna

West Bengal: Muslim goons vandalize Harinaam Yagna

This is a report sent in to IndiaFacts from the spot. 

When: 24 March 2014, around 11:30 A.M.

Where:  Sonakania Dorjipara, Habra Police limits, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal.

Incident: A public function of Harinaam Sankirtan Yagna (chanting of the name of Lord Hari or Vishnu) spread over four days was undertaken by an organization named Naam Yajno Samity, whose president is Gopesh Ghosh. 24 March was the last day of the Yagna, which would culminate in distributing prasad–food, which was cooked for about 1000 devotees.

At about 11:30 A.M., a Muslim vendor started selling beef which he was carrying in a bucket on his cycle. The devotees took notice of this and informed the matter to the committee of the programme. Then Gopesh Ghosh went to the beef-vendor and requested him to stop this act and leave the venue. The vendor refused upon which an argument developed. Very soon, a mob of Muslims came to the aid of the beef-vendor and the scene turned confrontational. This mob was led by Rafikul Mondal alias Bhola, Mafidul Mondal and Ismail.

The mob vandalized the entire venue and arrangements of the Yagna, and spoiled the food. It also attacked the devotees. In the melee, Gopesh Ghosh was seriously injured with a skull fracture and a massive wound to his back. Other Hindus too suffered injuries of varying degrees.

A police contingent arrived on the spot led by 2nd Officer of Habra police station. The Muslim mob attacked the contingent with brutal force damaging their vehicles. A brick hurled by them fractured the skull of 2nd Officer Prafulla Kumar Shaw.

Outcome: The Habra Police registered a case against 16 miscreants but haven’t arrested a single one of them. The TMC leader of the district and state cabinet minister Jyotipriya Mallick visited the area. After he left, the same Rafikul Mondal began a fresh wave of terrorizing the local Hindus, and abusing Hindu women in filthy language.

The scared Hindus took out a 15-member delegation led by Dilip Biswas to the Habra police station to lodge a complaint against Rafikul. However, the police refused to take down the complaint but the station in charge, Mainak Banerjee gave verbal assurance of safety.

As usual, no media house has reported the incident.

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