George Fernandes takes down Sonia’s portrait

George Fernandes takes down Sonia’s portrait

The following video is an archived news report of an incident that occurred in 2004. The original video can be found on YouTube at this link.

Here is the summary translation of the Hindi news report in the above video.

Former Defence Minister George Fernandes and his associates were present at the Constitution Club in New Delhi to attend a seminar on reinstating democracy in Myanmar (Burma). During the course of the seminar, George’s attention was focussed more on the portrait of Congress President Sonia Gandhi displayed on the wall. In the end, George and his associates could not tolerate it for long, and at the first available opportunity, pulled down her portrait.

[George Fernandes speaking to media persons]

“I feel that the son of a slave has done this job. No decent person would ever do this kind of a thing. On what basis has [the portrait] been put there? What? Have these people purchased this country? Nehru dynasty? What dynasty is it? Dynasty of looters.”

Media person: “should it be removed?”

George: “It should definitely be removed! Why not? How? On what basis was it put there? Because she is white?”

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