Hindumisia: An Analytical Approach to Measuring Anti-Hindu Hate

Hindumisia: An Analytical Approach to Measuring Anti-Hindu Hate

Join us for a Webinar by Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan on his web-based app —

“Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques have helped in the efforts of researchers to detect and monitor hate online. As the grammar of hate is different in different contexts, a domain specific approach is needed to detect hatred directed at Hindus on social media.

Thus, a two-year long effort by Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan, an IT Executive with experience in Data Analytics, led to the development of an AI-based tool necessary to track, monitor, and analyze anti-Hindu sentiment on social media. This tool, at present, can be used to detect anti-Hindu sentiment expressed on Twitter.

In this webinar, Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan will walk us through the website and direct us in the ways the tool can be used by all to monitor, track, and analyze hate directed against Hindus on Twitter. You may want to visit before watching and participating in the webinar.”

When: July 23, 2022, 10:00 AM CST (US), 8:30 PM IST (India)

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