Monthly Hindu Persecution Digest: April 2016

Monthly Hindu Persecution Digest: April 2016
  1. Idol of Balarama stolen from a temple in Ajmer

An idol of Balarama, which is said to have been around 500 years old, has been stolen from Ramsar village belonging to the Nasirabad sub-division in Ajmer, Uttar Pradesh. The theft happened at the temple of Chomalisa, as per the reports published on April 3.

  1. Ashtadhatu idol stolen from a temple in Azamgarh

An Ashtadhatu idol of Goddess Janaki has been stolen from the Ram-Janaki temple in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The temple was constructed in 1835 CE. The idol of Janaki measured one and a half feet tall and weighted around ten kilograms. As per the reports published on April 3, the theft was committed by two people who had come on a bike pretending to perform a puja at the temple.

  1. Maoists storm Hindu Temple in Chhattisgarh in a bid to kill a BJP Leader

According to reports published on April 5, Bijapur district BJYM president Murlikrishna Naidu was shot at by Naxalite ultras in Bhairamgarh town in Chhattisgarh at around 8 pm when he had gone to a temple renowned as Bhairamgarh Durga Mata Temple. The Naxallites stormed into the temple and fired two bullets on the BJP leader.

  1. Bomb Attack on BJP Leader’s House in Kozhikode, Kerala

A bomb attack, allegedly by the Marxist goons, on the residence of TK Padmanabhan, BJP state committee member in Kerala was foiled. According to reports, a country bomb was planted in Padmanabhan’s residence, which did not explode. The bomb was discovered by Padmanabhan’s wife, while she was cleaning the yard.

  1. Several injured in Bokaro following attack on Ram Navami procession

A curfew was imposed on April 15th night in four police station areas of Bokaro district in Jharkhand, after communal violence broke out sparked by pelting of stones at a Ram Navami procession by some Muslim miscreants. The incident took place on National Highway 23 in Siwandih area of Bokaro.

  1. Pakistan mob sets fire to Hindu temple

An angry mob of dozens of Muslims set fire to a Hindu temple in a southern Pakistani city Larkana over the alleged desecration of a Koran, officials said on April 17, according to the published reports.

  1. Sri Bhairab temple in Sylhet, Pakistan attacked, idol vandalized

Five miscreants attacked Sri Sri Bhairab temple and vandalized the idol of Mohadev Bhairab at Sylhet Sadar, Pakistan. The incident took place on April 20.

  1. Bangladesh jails Hindu teachers for allegedly ‘abusing Islam’

A court in southern Bangladesh sentenced two Hindu school teachers to six months in jail for allegedly making abusive remarks about Islam that led a mob to attack their school, a magistrate said on April 26.

  1. Hindu temples attacked and idols vandalized in Shariatpur, Bangladesh

Miscreants attack two temples on April 29 in Shariatpur, Bangladesh and vandalize 13 idols.

  1. Bangladesh Hindu tailor hacked to death in attack claimed by Islamic State

Three assailants sped up to a Bangladeshi tailor’s shop by motorcycle on April 30, dragged out the Hindu owner and hacked him to death, police said, in an attack claimed by Islamic State.

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