PFI goons unleash terror in Shivamogga

PFI goons unleash terror in Shivamogga

Goons of the radical Muslim outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) unleashed an orgy of violence against Hindus in Shivamogga, Karnataka on 19 February killing one person and injuring several. According to the Kannada daily, Kannada Prabha, a huge crowd of PFI members took out an “Ekata Yatra” (Unity Procession) in the city.

A massive public meeting of the PFI was organized at the Science Grounds in Shivamogga. The ekata yatra was a run up of sorts for this meeting. The procession was taken out from the Bypass Road. As the rally reached B.H. Road and approached Shivappa Nayaka Circle, members in the procession began shouting anti-RSS and pro-Pakistan slogans despite being warned by the police to the contrary. In response, a few members of Hindu organizations shouted retaliatory slogans. Heated verbal exchanges followed.

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At some point, somebody pelted stones, which quickly escalated into full-blown violence. PFI goons set fire to shops and stalls in Gandhi Bazaar and Gopi Circle. Petty shops selling sugarcane juice, fruits, tyre puncture repair shops and others were completely gutted. PFI miscreants smashed bikes and burnt tyres in various parts of the city. The police swung into action and brought the situation under control in under two hours. They used teargas on the rampaging PFI mob at Savar Line.

However, even as the situation seemed to return to normal, PFI struck again at night. At about 9 PM, some PFI members waylaid the 35-year old Vishwanath near Gajanur. Vishwanath who was travelling on a bike was accosted by this mob and brutally attacked. He was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to injuries.

Curfew has been imposed in the city till 25 February.

Here is what Zubair says on his Facebook about the wanton violence.

Translation: We [Muslims] are 20 per cent in India. You [Hindus] are 70 per cent. Others are 10 per cent. But you still can’t break Islam. Where is 70, where is 20? However, no matter what you do, we will stand opposite to you. But think about what will be your fate if we are 70? 

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The following pictures were sent to IndiaFacts from the ground.



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