The truth behind Church attacks in India: an Interview

The truth behind Church attacks in India: an Interview

That both the national and the international media have raised a resounding noise over church attacks in India–notably in Delhi–is now old news. However, to those who have been keenly following the modus operandi of the powerful and wealthy Evangelical and Church lobby in India–from Sita Ram Goel to Arun Shourie to S. Gurumurthy–it is clear that there’s more than what meets the eye. Although such factual rebuttals have exposed the Church shenanigans which knows how to cry wolf and play victim, the answers to curb such artificially-created communal tensions need a deep examination of the fundamentals.

In any case, the IndiaFacts team caught up with Robert Rosario a couple of days ago. Robert has been a tireless campaigner against irregularities and the dubious role the Church continues to play in India. He is a Mangalorean Catholic Christian and is a prominent voice in this area. Among others, he is engaged in exposing the historical role and legacy of Saint Francis Xavier, the notorious medieval mass murderer responsible for large scale genocide of Hindus in Goa, which he launched in the name of the Inquisition.

Watch the full video of the informal interview with Robert Rosario on the subject of the recent Church attacks and other related topics.




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