Zomato to Jabalpur Police: Life of Dhimmis in a Halal Economy

Zomato to Jabalpur Police: Life of Dhimmis in a Halal Economy

The never ending saga of Hindu Dhimmitude throws up absurdities that get weirder by the day. Just a month ago a Hindu girl was thrown in jail for three days for criticizing public statements of prominent Muslims, and a Ranchi court judge wanted the girl to distribute Qurans for bail. And now, Jabalpur police wants to serve notice to a man called Shukla under Section 107 of CrPC for posting on twitter asking Zomato to send a Hindu to deliver his food.

Many Hindus saw Shukla’s act as repugnant bigotry and not simply as “asking for delivery man of his choice”. They don’t quite agree to the comparison with the Richa Bharti incident.

Bigotry of Shukla or Hypocrisy of Zomato?

Shukla’s calm response to Jabalpur police threat didn’t impress many Hindus. “Let them serve a notice I will respond after taking legal counsel. Let’s see what reasoning or grounds they cite. I haven’t committed bigotry. Zomato has given a religious spin to what was essentially customer feedback. I tagged the company so the corporate headquarters notices the issue and resolves it. It was between an individual and a corporate. The company [is using it to] its advantage,” he told The Indian Express.

A Facebook friend of mine, a Hindu, just posted this about this Zomato incident — “I strongly believe that charges of sedition must be imposed on such people [like Shukla] as it’s so dangerous for the harmony of our society in our country.

A tweet to Zomato from a man called Wajid caught the attention of many Hindus on Twitter as an example of Zomato’s hypocrisy — Wajid wanted to order Halal food on Zomato, but when he realized that the food he ordered came from a Non-Halal restaurant, he asked for a refund on twitter and got it. Doesn’t Wajid’s demand get religion into food? Why is Zomato’s response to Shukla different from their response to Wajid, people asked.

The allegation of hypocrisy is true, no doubt. But many Hindus don’t understand the depth of this hypocrisy on part of Zomato as they don’t fully grasp what Halal means. Only when we understand that a little do we really appreciate happened between Zomato, Wajid and Shukla.

Zomato to Wajid and Shukla: Shocking Contrast

Wajid: I want to use Zomato to order Halal food. In other words, order food only from those restaurants which procure meat from animals slaughtered only by Muslims, under the supervision of only Muslims, while Muslims pronounce the Tasmiya and Takbir of Islam at the time of killing proclaiming greatness of Allah the only God, in a slaughter house which doesn’t handle any animals not eaten by Muslims, and where packaging, stamping and sealing is supervised only by Muslims, and even storage and transportation is supervised only by Muslim inspectors. A slaughter-house that is certified as Halal by Muslims, after being audited only by Muslims.

Zomato: Wajid sahab, fikar mat karo. We will invest in changing our software to add a tag “Serves Halal” so that you can search for Halal certified restaurants. We will also make sure that the restaurants that are registered with us have Halal certification by an all-India Islamic Halal certification body. We will authenticate their certification to make sure that they are indeed meeting your criteria. In case you forget to check their tag before ordering and want to cancel the order after food is delivered, you can always post on twitter. Our Idea of India will ensure you get what you want.


Shukla: I want a Hindu delivery boy for my food order as this is month of Shravana. If you are unable to assign one, please cancel my order.

Zomato: Ya Allah, what a communal man. We will not cancel your order and you have to pay. We don’t care if we lose future business from people like you. Food has no religion. Food is religion.

Zomato Founder: Great job guys. Lose this customer. His request is against our values.

The Whole National Media: Zomato slays it. Zomato is winning hearts.

Jabalpur Police: We are warning you Shukla. Your tweet is against constitutional values of secularism and equality. Your tweet has divided the people on twitter along religious lines. You are committing breach of peace and disturbing public tranquility. You are now under notice. We will drag you to the District Magistrate to sign a bond and put you under observation for six months under The Code of Criminal Procedure sections 107 and 116. We will throw you in jail if you tweet like this again.

Wajid exclusion versus Shukla exclusion

The contrast in the response to Wajid’s request and Shukla’s request hits you in the face.

Wajid is demanding a way to order on Zomato only such food which requires exclusion of Hindus from the whole economic system of its production and supply. Zomato has no issues with that. They in fact go all the way out to make it easy for Wajid, fully supporting such exclusion of Hindus in production of such food. They modify their software, and even establish a mechanism on the ground to authenticate Halal certifications. Compared to that, what Shukla asks for is merely re-assignment of a Muslim delivery person to a different customer.

So why is Shukla’s demand leading to convulsions among Hindus and non-Hindus alike, while no noise is made for a far more serious exclusion that Wajid and his Muslim co-religionists demand? Why is Shukla made out to be a despicable bigot, while Wajid’s co-religionist made a victim?

Why is the police not questioning suppliers of Halal food about their exclusion of Hindus? Why are police not questioning Airlines and restaurants who are forcing Halal food on Hindus instead of keeping a small amount of Halal food just for supply to Muslims? Why are police tolerating this whole division of supply chain, people and food along communal lines?

The answer is simple — because it doesn’t cause breach of peace — Hindu dhimmitude makes them meekly accept it without protest.

What is Halal?

Halal means “permitted” in Arabic. Its opposite is Haram, meaning “forbidden”.

What does the Quran say about what foods Muslims should consume?

Prohibited to you are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah , and [those animals] killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a head-long fall or by the goring of horns, and those from which a wild animal has eaten, except what you [are able to] slaughter [before its death], and those which are sacrificed on stone altars, and [prohibited is] that you seek decision through divining arrows. That is grave disobedience. This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed. My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.

O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.               

Verily, Allah has enjoined excellence (ihsan) with regard to everything. So, when you kill, kill in a good way; when you slaughter, slaughter in a good way; so everyone of you should sharpen his knife, and let the slaughtered animal die comfortably. The Prophet – peace be upon him – said to a man who sharpened his knife into the animal’s presence “Do you intend inflicting death on the animal twice – once by sharpening the knife within its sight, and once by cutting its throat?”

In short, eat only animals which are killed as an offering to Allah. Don’t eat anything offered (as prasad) to other Gods or on altars. Don’t eat certain animals. Don’t consume intoxicants. Kill the animals in a specific way.

What does this become in the Halal standards of today?

The following rules and standards can be found at any Halal certification organization’s website.

For slaughter houses —

  • The slaughterers and supervisors should be Muslims who understand the rules and conditions of slaughtering in Islam
  • World Halal Council Halal Standards encourage the hand-slaughtering method. However, where mechanical slaughtering is used, the process of slaughtering should be controlled by an adequate number of Muslims.
  • At the time of slaughter, the Tasmiya and Takbir must be pronounced over animals or birds by a trained Muslim slaughterer — Bismillah Allahu Akbar, which means by the name of God, the Greatest.
  • Slaughterhouses should be encouraged to perform a total Halal slaughter thereby eliminating the need for additional controls, labeling of carcasses, and supervising, and reducing the risk of mixing meats and contamination.
  • There should not be slaughtering or processing of unacceptable species in the same facility where acceptable species are being slaughtered or processed.
  • The Muslim supervisor shall at all times maintain control of the use of Halal logos, stamps and seals.
  • The storage place-cooler or freezer should be inspected by the Muslim inspector and approved for storage of Halal meats.
  • There should be an on-site Muslim inspection at the beginning of each production shift to check ingredients, cleanliness and packaging. Whenever a non-Halal product is run between Halal productions, a Muslim inspector must inspect again all the ingredients, cleanliness and packaging.

For Food service facilities (restaurants) —

  • The Muslim inspector will check all the cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, freezers/coolers, packages and storage areas and examine the menus and prepare a report of his findings.
  • The Restaurant must not process or serve pork or pork products at any time. Also the facility must not use or serve alcohol.
  • The raw or further processed meat to be used in food preparation must originate from an approved Halal slaughtering/processing plant. Each patch of Halal meat must be marked Halal and accompanied with a document from the processor.
  • All food ingredients, including flavorings, oils, marinating solutions, etc. must be disclosed to the inspector and must be approved as Halal before being used.
  • There should be un-announced visits-audits to the facility by the Muslim inspector during the year to make sure of compliance.

Notice how simple rules about what food one can consume have become an elaborate mechanism for a Muslim controlled Halal economy?

Muslim imposition of Sharia compliance on Hindus and non-Muslims

Domino’s Pizza once served Pepperoni (pork) Pizza on their menu. Every time one ordered it, they would call to warn that its pork. One day it was suddenly taken off their menu. Why? Because it would make their kitchen non-Halal? Why doesn’t it matter to Domino’s that there could be lakhs of Hindus who may want it? It is not Halal and thus it must go?

All airlines make it a point to mention that all meat served on flight is only Halal. Restaurants only serve meat which is Halal. What about Hindus and other non-Muslims who don’t want to eat Halal meat? Sorry, but Sharia compliance is more important to us, they seem to say.

One can find beef sold in many states even in a Hindu country like India. But adoption of Halal meat seems to be more or less complete in most restaurants, airlines and other public eateries.

A study found that 70% of New Zealand lamb sold in UK is halal, 51% of local slaughter of lamb and 31% of chicken slaughter is halal. For only 4.8% of UK’s population which is Muslim. The same is the case with most of the rest of the world.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a well known writer and author of the influential book The Black Swan, calls this phenomenon “dictatorship of the minority”. In his essayThe Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority“, explaining how a small intransigent group can impose its will on the majority, he gives the example of how a small group of Muslims in vastly Christian Egypt reduced Christians to a minority there based on their intolerance and small rate of “interfaith marriages.” Or, what we call it in India, Love Jihad —

In the same manner, the spread of Islam in the Near East where Christianity was heavily entrenched (it was born there) can be attributed to two simple asymmetries […]. First, if a non Muslim man under the rule of Islam marries a Muslim woman, he needs to convert to Islam –and if either parents of a child happens to be Muslim, the child will be Muslim. Second, becoming Muslim is irreversible, as apostasy is the heaviest crime under the religion, sanctioned by the death penalty…… Under these two asymmetric rules, one can do simple simulations and see how a small Islamic group occupying Christian (Coptic) Egypt can lead, over the centuries, to the Copts becoming a tiny minority. All one needs is a small rate of interfaith marriages.

Thus, when Hindus eat both Halal and non-Halal, but Muslims insist on only Halal meat in a stubborn manner, soon all Hindus will be eating only Halal. The concept of Halal works only when the other party is okay with eating Halal food, but those insisting on Halal do not reciprocate. Acceptance of Halal always comes with submission of one’s own identity to that of Islam.

Dhimmi Hindus and submission to Halal compliance

Dhimmi Hindus shockingly see Halal simply as a “food choice.” The note “Food for thought” posted by Zomato on its twitter timeline is an example of such death-wish confusion. It claims to simply provide information that helps find a place of one’s choice of food and equates Jain Food or Vegan Food with Halal food.

It is common even in traditional Brahmin families to have strong rules about who can go into the kitchen , who can touch what, and what ingredients to use and what not, and so on. But such rules are for themselves in their own households. Most conservative of these families would never eat outside or even drink water from outside. If they do end-up establishing places where food is served, they would never impose their way of life on others in the manner of Halal.

Also, what Zomato doesn’t realize when it pushes Halal is that they are supporting exclusion of non-Muslims from the various stages of the supply chain, and domination of Halal in non-Muslim establishments.

But what is most revealing in its actions is its Dhimmitude — it calls Shukla a bigot for his requirement of a Hindu delivery person in the month of Sharavan while at the same time going all out to promote the Halal certification process for Muslims. Shukla’s needs are despicable but a Muslim’s Halal need is respectable. Zomato needs to reflect on the cause of such variance in its behavior. Even while it talks about Jhatka meat, it cleverly avoids discussing Shukla’s needs as worthy of a feature in its app. No Hindu protested Zomato’s Halal support until it called Shukla a bigot.

Jabalpur Police were quick to threaten arrest of Shukla based on a simple tweet requesting Zomato for a specific service. The police saw the request as “communally divisive peace disrupting” but it doesn’t find exclusionary practices of Islam and the Halal ecosystem divisive. Where does this dhimmitude of Jabalpur police arise?

What exactly is Halal to a non-Muslim country, really?

Halal is a system of supply chain control by exclusion of non-Muslims from an upstream economic system of a non-Muslim country by a minority of downstream Muslim consumers, through the threat of denying business to non-compliant service providers and suppliers. It is a mechanism to control the whole supply chain to the benefit of Muslims and Islamic way of life. It is an upgrade of the lowly mob to a mafia conglomerate. It is a sophisticated mechanism of imposition of a way of life, and thus Islamification. No wonder it is often claimed that Islam is not a religion but a way of life.

What is Halal and what is not is derived from Quran and Mohammad Sunnah and traditions. To interpret the traditions, are formed expert committees and academes — Islamic Fiqh Academy in Saudi Arabia. And councils of “experts” like World Halal Council which “publishes” the “standards”. Local certification authorities then draw power from these entities in the certification process involving inspections and audits.

If one studies the Halal standards of hygiene and method of slaughter of animal, one would immediately notice that most of these are not followed in reality. Hundreds of videos of slaughter house cruelty are available online and the level of hygiene and “compassion” is open for all to see during the festival slaughters on the roads. Everyone knows that Halal is a big lie. But, nevertheless Halal dominates today as it is a useful lie.

Halal standards are getting stronger every day and more and more Muslims are abiding by stricter versions of what it means to follow Halal guidelines when it comes to demanding compliance from a non-Muslim business. Thus, a restaurant can lose significant customer base if it doesn’t get Halal certification. And to get the certification it has to bow down to Islam and its way of life. And in doing so, it automatically loses control over the supply chain as the suppliers of material have to be Halal certified too. No wonder Muslims see a great opportunity to dominate world business.

In this situation, the demand for Halal standards are spreading to all sectors and Industries. We have Halal Beach Resorts, Halal beaches, Halal hotels, Halal cosmetics, Halal Pharmaceuticals, Halal travel and tourism, Halal exports, Halal agriculture, and so on, making it a multi-trillion dollar global industry, working in tandem with Islamic banking.

Protests against Halal across the world

The protests in Europe were massive. Councils in UK banned Halal meat supply to schools. There was a huge uproar about eateries secretly serving Halal food — the Pizza Express furore in Britain. Strong protest agains Subway for removing ham and bacon from its menu in 200 stores. Later it was discovered that many fast food chains like KFC and Nandos were secretly Halal. These stores were all forced to offer Halal foods only in a labeled fashion and not to all customers.            

Belgium banned Halal slaughter to ensure animal welfare. Australia has seen massive violent protests against Halal foods. And in Canada. Same in Norway. Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, and Poland have all banned Halal slaughter. Italy is on the way to a ban. Netherlands banned Halal slaughter but later overturned the ban. This paper discusses the status in all European countries.

There are claims from Australia that Halal products may fund Islamic extremism and even terrorism though this enquiry found none.

The residue to Islamic imperialism makes Hindus more Dhimmi than people of the book living in Europe or elsewhere. In recent times there were a couple of protests in India — Hindus and Sikhs protested Halal-only status of Air India. Many Hindus protested against Indigo on twitter recently.

What next in India?

The country is far away from even demanding labeling and segregation of Halal food and all other things Halal. This would be a first step in dismantling the dominance of Halal ecosystem. Halal certification should be reformed to remove requirement of exclusion of non-Muslims from the supply chain. Certification of non-Muslim establishments should be prohibited. Organizations which adopt Halal products without openly declaring to all its consumers, should be heavily penalized. All organizations should be required to provide non-Halal options to customers mandatorily if they sell any Halal products.

None of this will be possible with a Dhimmi government at helm. Hindus will have to spread awareness about what Halal means and demand non-Halal food wherever they go. Hindus should protest any organization that adopts Halal and excludes non-Halal products.

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