Academic Quality, Sexual Assault, and Hinduphobia at Stockton University: Using the Manish Madan Method (M3)

Academic Quality, Sexual Assault, and Hinduphobia at Stockton University: Using the  Manish Madan Method (M3)

Editor’s Note: The “Dismantling Global Hindtuva” conference/event, which was widely publicized, and whose organizers claimed support from numerous universities, got the attention of a lot of people, and many complained about it, criticized it, and sought explanations from universities that the organizers claimed had offered official support. Now, because of those complaints from the ordinary Indian American, the ordinary Hindu, there is yet another campaign to paint those who flooded the offices of university administrators with their complaints as those who seek to shut the voices of academics. “Academic freedom is under threat by Hindu fundamentalists in America,” they complain to mainstream American media, powerhouses of influence, which publish such uncorroborated nonsense. Among those academics, as our author finds out, are people whose work and methods make for some interesting reading.


Karma. Stockton University sneered at India using their star recruit Manish Madan’s 2016 paper. And then the lawsuits from their own women students and alumni started. And grew and grew.



Figure 1. “The Scream”. By Edvard Munch – National Gallery of Norway 8 January 2019 (upload date) by Coldcreation, Public Domain [1]



A version of this article is available at [2]. Let us call this “Academic Research on South Asia Expertology”, focused on the claimed sponsors and supporters of the “historic” 9/11/2021 “conference”, a.k.a. the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference (?) /event (?). But I had no idea of what Stockton University is all about, until I read the references. So should you.

Rabindranath Tagore [2] dreamt in his Gitanjali of being…

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit…”

Now imagine spending your money to send your child to spend the most critical four years of her life, to a place…

where her mind is terrified at the unreasoning hate directed at her…

where the walls remind one of chained slaves under the lash of the whip and curses…

where she is eighty-five times as likely to get assaulted and raped as in India…

where knowledge sure ain’t free… though there’s little being imparted…

where relentless hatemongering stretches its claws and rips up the truth.

where bigots and lechers are teachers and administrators…

where words come out from the depths of insincerity, ignorance, and malice…

where the Dean has a total of 2.5 publications to make over $200,000 a year…

where plagiarism is fine if it is the administrators plagiarizing…

where terrorist-apologists presume to “advise” the voters in a democracy…

where faculty have forgotten the meaning of the words “Namak Haraam”.

Inspiring Leadership: Stockton University is big on advertising. Anything for “name recognition”, such as sponsoring hate-fests masquerading as “conferences”. Here we are inspired by their academic stars, from their President to Dean to Associate Professors. See Figure 2.

Figure 2: How Stockton University and Manish Madan gloated about their “research”. Source:[3]  And their own students’ lawsuits started coming in. Karma?

President Kesselman’s predecessor was a professor of philosophy, paid $310,000 a year, and credited with being an authority on the Spanish author George Santayana [4]. Reminds us of the cartoon which showed a president saying: “I have learned a great many things in my sixty-five years. But all of them are about Aluminum”. Of course, that’s what “philosophy professors” do. But he DID original things. And good things. Unfortunately, as the saying goes: “the good things were not original, and the original things were not good.” The reason for his exit was discreetly described as “real estate… related to a gambling property”. Given New Jersey’s long history and current [5] leadership in mob activities, let’s leave it there.

Who was Stockton? He was a slave-owner. So, the original “college” was a product of ill-gotten wealth, perhaps the walls still echo of forced labor, accompanied by the clanging of chains, the screams of abused humans and wailing of their abused children drowned out by loud strains of “Amazing Grace”, whiplashes, and racist bigoted curses by people lacking in basic skills of any sort except brutality. Judging by the quality of their research publications and campus ambience, this tradition continues in intent at least. Ponder that as you lounge in one of their lecture halls, and why the name of the university has not been changed.

The Dean of General Studies, who sent Stockton’s monumentally rude, and plagiarized response to community concerns about Stockton University’s support and sponsorship of the ill-fated “Dismantling Global Hindutva” circus [6], exemplifies Stockton’s “excellence”. The Dean’s CV, kindly posted on the web, is stunning. He is listed as “going to work on” or “working on” or maybe thinking of thinking of planning to work on, so many things.

There is a concept called “publications” in academia, that some misguided universities use in evaluating credentials for hiring, reappointment, promotion, and tenure. They seem to believe that objective evaluation of “merit” has some place in an educational institution! Their criterion is “published or at least accepted”, not “going to write” and “dreaming of getting published”. A search on “Google Scholar” for what he is publicly known to have done we find a grand total of… one publication: an essay on “Corruption among Police in… Bombay, New York, and London — from 1865, the year the Civil War ended in the USA, to 1925”. But with some real diligence and lots of time spent, we can find the Encyclopedia mentioned in his CV, co-authored with two other people. Clearly, we need not be looking at the criteria that Stockton University uses to hire and promote its esteemed faculty.

Figure 3: Image from Twitter showing identical emailed responses “reasoning” why Stockton University and the University of Toronto were proud to support the impending “DGH”.[7]

A Stockton University Professor of Economics and Expert-On-White-Privilege, Ramya Vijaya, and Western Washington University Professor of Political Science, Bidisha Biswas, have just published [8] a gem of an essay which any Monk Parakeet with linguistic credentials could be justly proud of. They have declared that “Religion Must Not Be Excluded from Political Discourse”. We can guess/presume that this is their way to fight for (?) “secularism” using the “sleight-of-hand” method! Biswas claims to have provided advice on South Asia to the US State Department [9], partly explaining Foggy Bottoms’ recent achievements. We no longer need wonder where the State Department’s South Asia experts got their degrees, not to mention advice. Note that their article appears to be motivated by the sudden need to give credence to the two big feet that their “DGH Conference” organizers stuck in their own mouths, after loudly claiming that they were only against Hindutva and not against Hindu-ness or Hindus. After their so-called “Scholar-Activists” opened their angry mouths and removed all doubt declaring that no, the two cannot be separated and they are indeed against all Hindus, now the US South Asia Scholar Community has a problem: they have not succeeded in deleting all videos of that “conference” proving beyond all doubt that they are no more than anti-Hindu bigots, hate-mongers, and most of all give cretins a bad name. That does not play well anywhere outside Pakistan, least of all in modern “Woke” US universities. Consequences are very real and can be very swift.

So, YES! Whenever one mentions the USA or UK or France or Spain or Italy where officials swear on the Bible as they promise to steal and plunder less than their predecessors and try to keep their lengthening noses off the cover, one must remind them of the statistics that show that one out of three priests must now be presumed to be a child molester. Greet President Macron with “Bonjour M. Macron! Comment allez les Crusaades Albigensianes?” Or the Prime Minister of Spain with “Buenos Dias, Senor Sanchez! How is the Inquisition doing? Gouged out any eyes today?” Or the Italian PM with “How’s the Vatican doing?[10]; Any more Bishops [11] caught being [12] naughty behind choir boys this morning? [13]; The Cardinals still firmly behind the Bishops? Many nuns in the Obstetrics Ward today?” Or Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada with [14]Dug up any more mass graves of Injun brats this morning, Justin?” Or Prince MBS of KSA with “Heard this great one about your Prophet yet, Sheikh?” And the Governor of (mob-infested) New Jersey with, “I got another good story for you, Governor Godfather [15], a Stockton University professor told me to tell you! We can see why the State Department craves the advice of such “Eminent Experts”!

But now let us get to Stockton’s stellar “research” and “publication” records.

Manish Madan, Board Member of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology

Dr. Manish Madan is a Board Member of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology [16]. Yes, Pakistan,  where little children are sentenced to lashings and jail [17] for accidentally dropping a book, or where an eight-year-old boy can be sentenced to death for blasphemy [18], or where a high school girl who posts on the web is shot through the head for it. And these are not crimes but… the “proper” responses by the “true believers” to blasphemy, and which is condoned by the benighted rulers and justices of the country. Totally halal per the Blasphemy and Truth  Accountability Court [19]. We don’t know if or whether it was under Dr. Madan’s advice via the Pakistan Journal of Criminology that Pakistan entered the Guinness Book of Records in August 2021 for the youngest person ever Sentenced to Death — a (Hindu) child, eight years of age. Should we expect to hear of executing a four-year-old soon – like they did some 20 years ago [20,21,22,23,24]? At Kaluchak in 2002: “The age of the children killed ranged from four to 10 years”. Machine-gunned at point-blank range was a four-year-old in her mother’s arms. Wonder if the Advisory Board of the journal ever discussed these things? Or did they celebrate them, maybe, like their fellow travelers did [25] at The Guardian?

But we digress. Dr. Madan is also an Associate Professor of Criminology at Stockton University. Probably their most famous researcher, being in the news all the time in the best traditions of Drs. Fleischmann and Pons at the  University of Utah [26]. “Nearly” six journal publications – that’s 2.4 times that of the Professor of History who serves as the Dean at Stockton! A Stockton prodigy!

Well, it is not for us to criticize, but to humbly accept his work, be inspired by it, and adopt his method to draw some conclusions of our own.

Dr. Madan won much publicity for his study (from his PhD Thesis) of Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces [27] – In India. No, not in Pakistan where he is a Member of the Board of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology. In Pakistan sexual harassment is unthinkable: the very thought of sex, consensual or otherwise, would be punished with lobotomy, which may explain much about Pakistan’s researchers. Dr. Manish Madan’s LinkedIn profile [28] states that his research interests include “Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces, Gender Empowerment, Spousal Abuse, Media Narratives….” And as we read below, we can have an “Aha! tube-light moment”, why this prodigy chose to work at Stockton University. His paper in the International Criminal Justice Review [29] cites his research method thus:

“The study’s methodology relies on using multistage cluster and quota sampling technique, where we interviewed nearly 1,387 respondents (both men and women) from the capital city of India, New Delhi. This study finds an overall congruence between perceived likelihood of female sexual harassment victimization and actual self-reported victimization in most public transportation modes, but there is a significant gap between these two indicators for occurrences that take place in certain transportation modes, such as taxis and auto-rickshaws. There are statistically significant gender differences in the seriousness ratings of various behaviors that constitute sexual harassment to women. Policy implications include adoption of a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of sexual harassment in public spaces.”

“Researchers (Madan and Nalla) found that 40 percent of female respondents were sexually harassed in the past year and 58 per cent were sexually harassed at least once during their lifetime.”

Could we not have guessed any of Dr. Madan’s conclusions or recommendations without reading his research, could we? How can one “interview nearly 1387”?  Interviewed 1386.97? Or that 0.3957 of the number ran away? But let us dig a little deeper below the shallow stream of Dr. Madan’s research.

The paper was published in 2016, which means the “research” was timed to take maximum advantage of the widely publicized 2012 atrocity where a gang of four men (of one community) brutalized and murdered a young woman of (another community) in Delhi. The prime accused, the most brutal of the four, was considered a “minor” and hence could not be hanged, unlike the rest of the gang. Dr. Madan’s paper was immediately pumped to the sensationalist English-language newspapers in India such as Deccan Chronicle and India Today as if a great truth had been revealed.

Indian law does not permit identifying communities since it might “offend the sensibilities” of “one community”. But it may be reasonably assumed that the victim was a Hindu. Soon after the Delhi attack and attendant anti-India hate campaigns, a brilliantly perceptive and surely concerned German woman professor responded to an Indian student applicant to graduate school saying that she was not going to admit Indian men students because they were all rapists. Karma has since taught many brutal lessons in Germany. The mass sexual attack at Cologne Train Station (public transport?) on New Year’s Eve by gangs of bona fide German residents was one of many since then [29]. While selective outrage is par for the course these days, we need to seriously consider what these “concerned” people are condoning, at what cost, and to whom.

An Opinion

Was Dr. Manish Madan, Member of the Board of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology, and employed at Stockton University, amplifying the hate campaign against India whipped up by the Nirbhaya incident to score cheap points? “Dig where it is wet” or “make hay while the sun shines” comes to mind here. But so does “pour gasoline on fires”. Mischief. Hate. What Pakistanis call “lifafa”. This opinion is not based on just the paper and thesis in question, but on an objective view of the whole “portfolio” of Dr. Madan’s visible activities.

Figure 4: Documenting Prof. Manish Madan’s heroic 41-hour, 1,281-mile journey to collect data. From Madan, Manish, and Mahesh K. Nalla. “Exploring citizen satisfaction with police in India: The role of procedural justice, police performance, professionalism, and integrity.” Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management (2015). It is truly an international journal because they make it easy. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover, and have partnered with two payment gateways—PayPal and CC Avenue. Authors can also pay via bank transfer: “You can make payments directly into our bank account and email the bank wire transfer receipt to us.” What did Dr. Madan pay to get published? Curious minds want to know.

One of Dr. Madan’s most famous creations is a survey that he did [30] on a “41-hour, 1,281- mile (journey) traveling from the northern part to the southern part of the country and return via Indian Railways”. That’s what we can call a “walking the talk” survey — talking to people all over a vast region. And what did Dr. Madan engage his fellow train travelers in? Well, he claims it was about “Citizen Satisfaction with Police”. Courageous! It turns out that it was an express train that was doing the miles, and most of the people were on board for the duration (i.e., same people). His “walking” tour of the train must have involved scooting between compartments/coaches. The Indian Railway staff strongly discourage this gallivanting except for trips to the Dining Car – because this is how a lot of theft and attacks occur on the trains. But perhaps Profs. Nalla from Michigan State University, and Madan, from Stockton University do not believe in obeying Indian laws, or they were just bored, or they just ate too much in the Dining Car and “sauntered” back and forth to soothe their bellies. Whatever.

Dr. Manish Madan, we see, is also an accomplished expert on farming and farmers’ agitations. He hosted a “press conference” in January 2021 [31], seen here on Facebook. This same FB page also has a header from the text of the Indian Citizenship Act (Amended). If we had more time and looked more carefully, we probably could find stuff on the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir there too. Dr. Madan is a “free range researcher” it seems, pecking at whatever catches his fancy.

Now the portfolio of Dr. Madan’s expertise is quite complete: it is that of Pakistan-funded entities described in an earlier post here [32]. The “Farmers Agitation” is obviously a riot funded by Pakistan and Canada-based “Khalistan” terrorists. In the 1970s-80s, Pakistan sought “revenge for the 1971 (surrender of their 90,000 soldiers/terrorists to Indian forces” by funding and training terrorists to “break away Punjab in retaliation for East Pakistan”. They murdered over 20,000 people [33] including 329 on Air India’s Boeing 747, Kanishka [34] from Canada and two ground crewmen at Narita airport. In 1984 they also murdered India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It was a horrible chapter of Indian history. The Director General of Police in Punjab, the late Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, himself a Sikh, a Punjabi, a professional and an Indian patriot, put it bluntly in his book: “Terrorism in the Punjab did not end because the people got tired of terrorism. The people never wanted or supported terrorism. Terrorism in the Punjab ended because we killed the terrorists”.

Today, Pakistan is again stirring up trouble, but they have become more sophisticated in their payment systems than in the days when Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai [35] was in the ISI’s direct pay, leading the US Government to offer him a few years of involuntary hospitality [36]. Nowadays, one route is through various appointments in Pakistan. Several of the panelists in the “DGH”  [37] can also be tracked and found to occupy strange posts in the Pakistani establishment.

Research Inspired by the Manish Madan Method (M3)

Inspired by Dr. Madan and his thesis advisor, let us also undertake a long and arduous journey in conducting research for this article. A 126,105,407.3-kilometer one-way trip, over 176,463 seconds... through space, around the Sun, and braving asteroids and cosmic rays. Not counting 392 trips to the pantry to visit the cookies/peanuts/raisins jar, resulting in a weight gain of 31.3473 Newtons. The research lasted over a period in which “nearly” 1037 telephonic interviews were conducted with callers offering great deals on Extended Warranties and computer disk security fixes, as well as outstanding warrants at the Police Station, and with the IRS and Social Security Administrations.

The Clery Act

We used an Authoritative Publication: The Clery Act Report of the Stockton Police Force. Indian readers may not know about the Clery Act [38], and so here is a little summary:

Back in 1986, Jeanne Clery was a student at Lehigh University – one of the sponsors of the DGH Show/Event/Hate-fest of September 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2021, that contributed several heroic “signatories” of the Letter of Support for the said “international” show. Clery was raped and murdered in her university residence hall. Universities, as a matter of policy, were capable of exerting great pressure even on local TV and newspapers to suppress any news of tragedies and crimes on campus. Ms. Clery’s shattered parents ran a determined public campaign, until the US Congress adopted the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, PL101-542. It ordered universities and colleges to publish, promptly, every crime report on their campus and in their neighborhoods. Every year they must publish a Clery Act Report so that prospective students and their parents can be forewarned.

Method of Approach

If we are going to be inspired by and use Dr. Manish Madan’s statistics-based methods,  beyond the cursory explanations given above, let us use  the well-established and highly respected Investigatus Googlus Cucinotorious [39] (ICC) combined with statistical analysis of complete annual data given by authoritative sources.

Universities do not inflate the Clery Report, unlike their grading, credentials of their administrators, entering GRE scores, faculty publication records, funding, and annual academic rankings. All would dearly love to publish a blank Clery Act Report – but fear federal prosecution. So, if anything, the report understates the problem using classifications on level of complaint registered. For instance, only “major” sexual assaults are listed. Sexual “harassment” cases are mostly kept from the Police, so we cannot use the M3 method of interviewing random bus passengers.

Stockton University in 2018 had 11,029 students (13,329 in total passed through but some of those were transient). The 2018 Clery Act Report reports 22 major sexual assaults [40] at the campus. That’s not “sexual harassment”. Major sexual assaults. The ratio of assaults to people was 0.00199474. Stockton’s graduation data show that typical students take six years to complete the 4-year curriculum (partly due to having to work part-time or take semesters off to work and save enough money to pay fees). So, in six years, a Stockton student has a 1.2% chance of suffering a MAJOR sexual assault. More than one out of every 100 students will suffer such an assault during their studies at Stockton University. How many parents are aware of this? But instead of trying to improve the safety of their own students, Stockton University spends its resources getting exercised about India!

Why do Indians need advice from such entities? India had roughly 1.4 billion people, and 33,000 sexual assaults in 2018 [39]. That ratio is 2.73E-05 in scientific notation.

The ratio of Stockton Major Sexual Assault Rate to India Sexual Assault rate is therefore, 0.00199474 divided by 2.73E-05, which is 84.625.

One should also consider this grim statistic: According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, “23 percent of women undergraduates experience rape or sexual assault, but nearly 80 percent don’t report it”. According to their report, “Men are also affected, with about 5 percent of male undergraduates experiencing sexual assault or rape, the data show.” The 80 percent figure is inflated: it is actually 77 percent as per the US RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) [41]. That is during just the four years (six years is what it takes many Stockton students to complete a four-year degree per their graduation records). Extrapolate that to a lifetime. Also consider that very much of what goes on as standard behavior in American public places would be considered extreme sexual harassment in India. Not that this in any way excuses actual harassment, which hinders people going about their own business in peace and security, but we have to note that Stockton/Michigan State researchers’ choice of India for such studies is not at all motivated by any genuine desire to improve life for India, but to destroy the integrity of India by denigrating it in the West. Putting the blame on “Hindu India” makes for easy publication, maybe at a discounted rate from the “International Journal of Police Strategies & Management”.

So, what we see in the Clery Reports is only 23 percent of the “rape or sexual assault” occurring at Stockton University. In other words, in 2018, and presumably every year before and since, Stockton University had 22/0.23 or 95.65217 rapes, using the Manish Madan Statistical Method. Stockton U should have a national #1 ranking in something, after all!

Now, note that anything bad about India is reported as “In Narendra Modi’s India” as if the Prime Minister is directly responsible for all crimes. Hence, fair is fair… what happens at Stockton U therefore happens in “Harvey Kesselman’s Stockton U”.

Shah and Guo [42] published a paper titled “A mixed-methods approach to identifying sexual assault concerns on a university campus”. Here is an excerpt: “Among the 2511 survey responses (28.6% response rate), 178 (7.1%) students reported experience with unwanted physical sexual conduct (including sexual assault and harassment) at this campus in the past 4 years…. Low incident reporting rate and low satisfaction level of the resolution after reporting suggest an urgent need to improve the reporting process and wider institutional effort.”

Anecdotal Evidence

This is a departure from the Manish Madan Method of “interviewing” a few people on trains, buses, and planes, but we have to do something original even if it is no good. So, we decided to undertake our own long journey into this question, inspired by Dr. Manish Madan’s “41-hour 1280-mile round-trip”. Research after all takes persistence!  A Google Search for “Stockton Sexual Assault” brought up 7,180,000 hits in 0.66 seconds. Here are some headlines:

  1. Man accused of fourth student rape at Stockton University. [43] This was a news item from mid-2019, not included in our 2018 data set.
  2. Here’s one from 2019: The Residence Hall assistant is accused. Talk about [44] Vulpes Vulpes Canidea guarding pullum cavea. “Former Stockton student sues university and RA for sexual assault, negligence” [45]. Excerpt: “In another instance that month, she says the RA was again heavily intoxicated during a party Oct. 19 in the dormitory in which they both lived and grabbed her breasts while yelling ‘equal rights’ when she walked by. That same night, she claims the RA and another person pushed her into a closet and held the door shut for 10 minutes. When she was released, the plaintiff says, the RA pushed her against a wall and assaulted her again by rubbing himself against her repeatedly. She said she immediately left the party and went to her parents’ home.”
  3. Video of N.J. college (Stockton University) student’s rape was posted on Snapchat, lawsuit claims [46]. This was indeed 2018. Excerpt: “The man spiked her drink with a date rape drug when she was in the bathroom. Later that night, after she changed into comfortable clothes to sleep, the man pulled her in to kiss her, she alleged. The suit said she remembers kissing him and then ‘blacked out’. The woman’s suit said she woke up in her bed, naked and covered with vomit. She saw that he had posted three Snapchat videos of him sexually assaulting her while she was incapacitated, the suit said” [47].
  4. From Stockton university records: [48] “Allison, D., Kalibatseva, Z., & Tyrrell, B. J. (2017). Stockton University Campus Climate Survey Report. Stockton University. Among survey findings: over 41% of employee respondents reported that they had personally experienced exclusionary, intimidating, offensive or hostile behavior at Stockton within the past year, with 19% reporting that it had interfered with their work”.
  5. Beginning in June 2018 [49] a series of nine individual lawsuits were brought by Stockton students against the university, claiming institutional negligence and violations of institutional Title IX obligations in response to student reports of campus sexual violence (Hernandez 2020, Kesselman 2018)”.
  6. “Baker-Tilly conducted an internal audit for the university pertaining to the suits, for which several members of the Task Force were interviewed, but the university declined to make the results of the audit available to the Faculty Senate” [49].
  7. And here is how Stockton’s Board of Trustees respected student’s freedom to voice their concerns – with a heavy police phalanx [50]. Apparently the Board does not feel safe on their own campus even in broad daylight.
  8. And just when one thought one had seen it all… Emergency Medical Technicians employed by the university have their own needs: “Stockton EMT accused of raping student who sought his help: LAWSUIT” [51]. But yes, do read that one. To comment would be simply inappropriate.
  9. But. Stockton might claim that sexual assault occurs elsewhere… [51,52] – “Lots of university administrators commit sexual harassment and assault… Even Title IX staff…”
  10. Another sponsor of the DGH hate-fest was “the” Ohio State University [53]. They are outdoing Stockton: 2800+ cases about just one employee!

Figure 5: Stockton University students at a sit-in at the Board of Trustees meeting in 2019, protesting continued inaction from said Board. Source: Press of Atlantic City. The Board however took their own Security seriously: these students looked so threatening to them that they had a heavy armed police presence at the meeting, according to the Faculty Senate.

Figure 6: “Sample Slide” from a 2019 presentation by Prof. Madan, Manish.  Sexual Victimization among College Students: What Can We Do? Presentation to Stockton University Leadership Council, September 2019. From Stockton University Faculty Senate Task Force Final Report on Sexual and Gender Based Violence, 2020.

In all fairness to Dr. Manish Madan, he showed objectivity and perhaps some courage in presenting data collected by a Stockton team on the realities prevailing on the Stockton campus (see the bar chart above) in September 2019 — a chart that then made it to the Faculty Report to the Board of Trustees. Readers can compare the percentages given there with those from the Madan-Nalla paper on sexual harassment in public places per respondents to their New Delhi Survey of 2015. Consider that “lifetime” as discussed by mostly sheltered university students is about 20 years average, not “lifetime” as discussed by New Delhi commuters. This is not to be confused with any empathy for India or Indians: just karma in that four years later, his new masters latched on to his claimed expertise and got him to present the data at home.

Discussion: Transferred Evil Syndrome or Ghoulish Voyeurism?

There must be some long Latin name for this syndrome. Let us try to explain: Your boss is a chronic, drunken spouse abuser. Wife-beater. Comes home every Friday evening with a couple of bottles inside and proceeds to loudly call his sons “Son of a Dog!” He is also wanted for unpaid speeding tickets and for public indecency in the next State. He realizes that people in the community are beginning to give him strange looks. It’s a bit hard to deny – wife-beating not only runs in his family, they brag about it  [54] (Note: For the record, what this Qatari “scholar” says is exactly what a US-based Endowed Chair Professor of Islam in the Midwest wrote over 20 years ago). So, he pays a flunky at a mediocre State University to recruit a dupe to do a “PhD Thesis” on “Attitudes Towards Spousal Abuse” – in the next State. Or India! Transferred guilt. Transferred Evil. Ghoulish Voyeurism. Wonder why they call it “Vicar-ious”. Can it be related to “as practiced in the Ancient Western Religious Institutions”? As the Stockton and West Washington eminences ask, can we ever discuss power politics and forced sex without religion in America [55]?

It is a familiar tactic among lowlifes. For instance, 2020 brought utter disaster for the astronomically overpriced American Medical System. Six hundred thousand (600,000) dead from COVID-19 out of a population of 330 million. Corpses were stacked in trucks in New York, dumped into mass burial ditches on Long Island. Hospital patients lay unattended on hallway floors or in parking-lot tents. “Senior Care” homes left old folks to die starving, lying helpless in their own excrement for weeks [56].

So, what did they do? They declared that the farsighted, far better control of the pandemic in crowded India, with its 1.4 billion people, was all “faked numbers”, under-reporting. When the Delta Variant hit in March-April 2021, they sneered and chortled, with ghoulish videos and images of funeral pyres.  By July 2021, the Second Wave had predictably hit the US and with horrible results. Karma. Parents were being told: “The only way your child can be admitted to the Emergency Room is when a bed is vacated as another child dies”. Australia banned its own citizens from its shores. Utter knee-jerk panic. Silence from these “concerned media” and “pandemic experts” such as Arundhati Roy.

This is the very unoriginal theme that pervades much of the “research” that we see from Stockton U, and the larger South Asian “scholar” community. “Research for hire” gets an entirely new meaning with these “scholars”. And India and Hindus are their usual and favorite target. Consider this:

  1. Stockton U has recorded high numbers of sexual assault (rape) – so do a study on attitudes of people in India about rape. Publish that on the University website under their banner as “Stockton Researchers Find That…”
  2. New Jersey is known for endemic, some say epidemic, corruption: so, the Dean at Stockton does a paper on Police Corruption in Bombay, India, from 1865 to 1925!
  3. Beating women, especially domestic abuse, is epidemic in the Islamic world with “scholars” over the past twenty years explaining the “Correct Technique (don’t leave marks, it dents re-sale value) to Beat Women”. And so, we see a PhD thesis on… (as expected) “Attitudes Towards Domestic Abuse – in India”! It even starts with an example of an Islamic man beating one of his wives… but then this is transferred to become somehow an Indian habit. Gets picked up and blared by The Guardian and the BBC, because it is well-known that British women have a 37% higher chance of getting beaten up every time their dear partner’s favorite soccer team loses [57]. And they lose at least half the time.
  4. They were “advisors” to the same State Department responsible for the utter disaster in Afghanistan, handing over the keys and the chains to enslave women, to the very Pakistani terrorists [58] who used to put out baskets of severed hands [59] in the early 1990s. Who now lash young women mercilessly and shoot them dead in the streets [60] for venturing outdoors with toes showing under their burkas because they cannot afford shoes? All in the name of religion. So, what do these Stockton professors do? Write articles on “How to Confront the Voters of India” for daring to vote for a government that guides their nation!



This is not some one-off aberration [52]:


Rutgers University’s (also named after a slave-owner) larger campus in New Brunswick had 64,094 people, who suffered 26 major sexual assaults. For a ratio of only four in 10,000 in one year. That means:



That is much higher than the People’s Republic of China but…


  1. It is interesting to note that all the reported rapes and lawsuits at Stockton University occurred after the acclaimed publication of Dr. Manish Madan’s New Delhi Sexual Harassment Survey. Karma?
  2. There may be a few drunken louts and other creeps who abuse their spouses among India’s 1.4 billion humans. But in Manish Madan’s Stockton and in East Lansing, Michigan where Madan completed his PhD dissertation, it is probably the prevailing law for a very large percentage of the population. With techniques prescribed by scholars both local and from Holy Qatar, co-sponsors of the ISIS, and in Pakistan, where Manish Madan is a Member of the Board of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology, it is probably the ONLY recognized law.
  3. But you are not likely to read someone like Madan or Ramya Vijaya writing those truths. They are Stockton University faculty after all. Expectations to live down to. Sponsors to satisfy. Karma to stick tongues out at.


For these conclusions we once again thank Stockton University Associate Professor, and Pakistan Journal of Criminology Board Member, Dr. Manish Madan, for his inspiring research that led to such revelations on Harvey Kesselman’s Stockton University, Jonathan Holloway’s Rutgers University, Phil Murphy’s New Jersey, and Joe Biden’s USA.

But we also have one more point to make. Even in the most toxic environment, flowers grow. Humanity strives for excellence. The Seeta Voorakkara Scholarship at Stockton University bears the following description.  Read and consider for yourself [60]:

Figure 7: The Seeta Voorakkara Scholarship at Stockton is named for a superlative Indian-American professional by a grateful patient. From Stockton Foundation Scholarships.

“Alex Kaganzev: Stockton University graduate Alex Kaganzev ’92 established the Seeta Voorakkara Communications Disorders Memorial Scholarship in honor of Seeta, his former speech-language pathologist. To this day, Alex remains grateful for Seeta’s life-changing guidance as his speech teacher, having provided him free classes. Seeta was a dedicated nurse in her native country India, seeing firsthand the suffering of the poor and disenfranchised. Upon immigrating to the U.S., she earned a degree in Speech Therapy, then worked 30 years for the state of New Jersey as a Speech Therapist. She knew that Communication Disorders impacted virtually all aspects of a person’s life. She saw Speech Therapy as a means of giving the voiceless a voice. It was a way of helping people to communicate, to express their needs and desires, and to regain self- confidence. Seeta was dedicated to her mission of helping others take back their own life. She occasionally provided speech therapy to individuals at no cost.”

That is a story about India and an Indian origin heroine that you will not read from Manish Madan or Ramya Vijaya.


What is presented here is based on the facts cited, analysis of those facts, and once or twice an opinion stated as such. The author has not ever visited Stockton University nor met Dr. Manish Madan or Dr. Harvey Kesselman or any other entities mentioned by name in the article, and have no malice towards anyone. Any errors of fact will be acknowledged and corrected.

“Satyam Eva Jayate”. Truth alone shall prevail.


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Narayanan Komerath

Prof. Narayanan Komerath writes from Johns Creek, Georgia. He is a co-author of "Sanatana Dharma, Introduction to Hinduism", and "IDRF: Let the Facts Speak".