Cows smuggled with mouths stitched

Cows smuggled with mouths stitched

A shocker of a news report on how cows are brutally smuggled comes from Bidar in Karnataka. The following is a paraphrase of a news report that first appeared in the Kannada newspaper Hosa Diganta.

On Wednesday (29 January 2014), after the conclusion of the Governor’s speech in the Assembly, the Bidar South MLA Mr. Ashok Kheny brought to the Assembly’s notice a shocking development. 

Mr. Kheny said he received repeated complaints regarding numerous incidents of cows being smuggled overnight from various villages that fell within the ambit of his constituency. These cows were illegally shipped to Andhra Pradesh, just across the border. What’s more, bags were tied over the mouths of these cows in order to prevent people from hearing the noise these animals would make under such circumstances. In other cases, the cows’ mouths would be literally stitched for the same purpose, and the stitches would be removed once they reached an abattoir. 

Mr. Kheny strongly urged the Government to take action against the perpetrators of such barbaric activities. 

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