Dealing With Media Bias – The Dharmik Way (An Indica Course By Dr. Charu Uppal)

Dealing With Media Bias – The Dharmik Way (An Indica Course By Dr. Charu Uppal)

About the course: 

Media industry in India, since liberalization of the economy in the 1990s, has changed enormously. The youth of today have no experience of a time when consumers had a choice to turn off media messages simply by turning off radio/television in their living room. Due to media ubiquity, those who do remember times before mobile media, may still not be able to turn off/away from media content.

Although it is a common understanding that media is constantly ‘selling’ through advertisements, the messages embedded in stories are consumed without much resistance.

The main objective of this Indica Course is to understand that media content and use of media technology is food for the mind. It is our responsibility to expose ourselves to the content that aids in our personal, professional and spiritual development.

About Dr. Charu Uppal. 

Dr. Charu Uppal is a media researcher, based in Sweden, and has taught at the University level in United States, Fiji and Sweden. Her research interests are interdisciplinary with a focus on the use of media for expressing cultural and political identity.

How to enroll? 

Further details and the enrollment link about this course are available here. There are scholarships available for joining the course on a rebate fee. Please visit this page to know more.


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