Hindu businessman imprisoned for sharing controversial Facebook post

Hindu businessman imprisoned for sharing controversial Facebook post

This report was sent by IndiaFacts contributor Narayan Ukil.

Aonok Kumar Ghosh (30) a Hindu businessman at Satkhira District  of Bangladesh has been accused of sharing a status in Facebook on controversial statement against ‘Islam.’ Mr. Rabiul Hasan- the local Magistrate conducted an enquiry and found him guilty sentencing Ghosh for a period of one month’s imprisonment.  Mr. Aonok Kumar Ghosh was the son of late Ajit Kumar Ghosh. Police and locals informed that the convict Aonok Kumar was found sharing a status on Facebook with his friends related to objectionable remarks against Prophet Mohammad and Islam. Local people detained him for such offence. Some of agitators started to beat him up but later he was handed over to the police.

Many agitators assembled before the local police station on hearing the news and police ultimately dispersed the mob by firing. It should be mentioned that this specific status on Facebook originated from Orissa in India which Mr.Ghosh shared with his friends. Bangladesh Minority Watch communicated with Md. Emdadul Hoque Sheikh- Officer in Charge of Satkhira Sadar police station and after several discussions came to know that Aonok Kumar Ghosh shared a post sent by his friend from Orissa and as such Aonok Kumar committed offense under the prevailing law of the country and as such the Magistrate sentenced him to one month’s rigorous imprisonment.


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