Letter to Hindus II– Stick to CAA and NRC no matter what!

Letter to Hindus II– Stick to CAA and NRC no matter what!

In the last days of previous year I was mentally preparing to write a longer and elaborate article on the so called deep psychology of Papism (Roman Catholicism), but being faced with enormous avalanche of news about massive and violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in many parts of India, I finally decided to postpone the writing of the planned article and rather focus on this burning issue. It seems that in the last ten days situation has somewhat calmed down, but in all probability it is just a question of time when a new flare-up will appear. Beneath you will be able to read some conclusions and suggestions of mine on this extremely volatile and precarious situation in India.

My first conclusion – made on the basis of reading of several in-depth articles from Indian and Western newspapers and magazines and watching of numerous news footages about these “peaceful” protests – is that these violent events had been preplanned, meticulously organized and orchestrated with an explicit objective to foment overall chaos and instability in India and possibly even to topple a patriotic BJP government of India, which is such a terrible thorn in the side of both internal (Congress party and generally deracinated left-liberal elites[i] and separatist movements plus domestic Islamic and Christian fanatics) and external (Pakistan plus global Islamist network, China and various Christian denominations) enemies of India. Namely, anyone who is familiar with basics of subversive political activities, knows that it takes loads of money and months of intense underground preparations to organize riots of this scale and ferociousness. My guess is that these wild orgies of violence and destruction had been hatched in the collusion of Islamist and Congress networks, with possible intelligence and financial assistance from Chinese side.

What should Modi’s government do in present very dangerous circumstances? First of all, I think that despite of this artificially created havoc it should unflinchingly stick both to CAA and also to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) project. Why? For a very simple reason: in every normal country in the world only its citizens are entitled to enjoy benefits of citizenships and I see no reason why should India, which is still a developing country with hundreds of millions of poor and uneducated people, indefinitely tolerate and provide for illegal aliens who infest especially Northeastern states and in many cases pose a grave threat to national security?[ii] Additionally – which nation-state, if not India, will provide shelter to persecuted non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh?

Secondly, with the assistance of intelligence-security services Indian government should as rapidly as possible track out, expose to the domestic and international public and, above all, mercilessly punish the organizers and instigators of these dastardly acts. As I said, I am pretty certain that the so called usual suspects (Islamist and Chinese networks with their Indian puppets on the strings)[iii] will again be caught with their filthy fingers in the marmelade. This will hopefully open the eyes of many deceived, naive Hindus (especially students) who have participated in the riots, because they have falsely believed that they are fighting for “inclusive, secular India” and against “Hindutva fascists” etc. In fact, they have been playing a pitiful role of the so called useful fools[iv] – doing the bidding of mortal and sworn enemies of India without knowing it.

This is also an appropriate opportunity for me to inform our readers about my own experiences with Indian Muslims and their attitudes toward India, because ultimately this whole conundrum boils down to the relationship between India’s Hindu majority and Muslim minority (almost 200 millions of people). During one of my journeys across India, 18 years ago, I decided to approach as many Muslims as possible in order to get familiar with their lives, their views on religion, politics …, relations with members of other faiths (especially with Hindus) etc … Since my knowledge of Hindi/Urdu has been regrettably limited on a few phrases for basic needs (greetings, food and drink, lodging and traveling options), I was able to have a more meaningful and profound conversations only with those who had (relatively) high command of English, that means with more educated ones.

Altogether I spoke with around 45 Muslims (mostly men), living mainly in northern and eastern parts of India (Hariyana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal). I was really perplexed when I realized that a vast majority of my interlocutors (with three or four exceptions) expressed negative opinions about India and Hindus, ranging from mild resentment to extreme, even violent hostility. They were describing India as a “no real country at all” and as a “bizarre collection of castes, languages and regions”. Hindus had been perceived as “effeminate”, “submissive” and “internally divided”, but at the same time (oddly enough for alleged effeminates, I must remark) determined to “oppress”, “forcibly convert” and even “carry out genocide” against Muslims. My interlocutors assured me that centuries of Muslim rule were “golden time” for India, when economy flourished, justice prevailed and many superb, globally renowned edifices were constructed (e. g. Taj Mahal, Qutb Minar, Red Fort …). If I was interjecting with well-known facts about massive Muslim discrimination and violence against Hindus and members of other non-Muslim religions, about destruction of their temples etc., I was mostly mockingly dismissed and urged not to be duped by ” false Hindutva propaganda”.

Of course, I am not trying to claim that this sample has been representative for all Indian Muslims, but I dare to say that it has been big enough to be indicative. Taking into account that these people were educated, mostly with a high standard of living, at least for Indian circumstances (lawyers, doctors, teachers, business people, engineers, bureaucrats, journalists, students …), and obviously not submitted to discrimination and persecution, I was really bewildered – where does this animosity/hostility toward India and, above all, Hindus stem from? After a prolonged research (using mainly internet sources and some books and journals on South Asian affairs) I came to the conclusion that intolerance, feeling of supremacy and hostility toward non-Muslims (beginning with Hindu pagan kafir-s) had been probably ingrained already during primary socialization in the family and later upgraded and cemented by unrelenting stream of Islamist indoctrination in mosques, madrassas and other Muslim-only institutions and associations. Islamic supremacist imperialism has been and will remain a mortal threat to India and Hindus. Let me finish my article with a stern, but well-meant warning to Hindus, penned by Iranian-American author Jason Reza Jorjani: “Despite the fact that Muslims remain, for the moment, a minority in India, the country is still home to more Muslims than Pakistan or any other Islamic nation on Earth. Given current demographic trends, and historical precedents such as the Mughal Empire, the possibility of India becoming a part of Islamic civilization is a prospect to be taken seriously.”[v]

[i] It is very interesting and telling that representatives of Indian left-liberal elites, headed by Rahul Gandhi. Mamata Banerjee, Shashi Tharoor …, have never, at least to my knowledge, publicly condemned incessant Islamist violence against Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh or even forcible expulsion of Hindus from Vale of Kashmir by the Islamist separatists. How can we explain the recent outrageous proposal of Mrs. Banerjee that there should be UN-supervised referendum on CAA in India? According to her, India is obviously not a sovereign nation, but rather a mere mandate territory of United Nations …

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[iv] This expression was coined by the leader of Russian Bolsheviks Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to denote those Western intellectuals who supported and even praised Soviet communism without being aware of its criminal and generally monstrous nature.

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