Massive Attack on Hindus in Burdwan

Massive Attack on Hindus in Burdwan

According to ground reports received from Hindu Samhati, last evening, a mob of Muslims attacked Hindus at Samudragarh rail station market in the Nadanghat Police Station limits in Burdwan district, West Bengal. In the attack, the houses of 20 poor Hindus have been gutted and more 50 Hindu shops were completely looted. The rampaging mob looted several motorbikes and cycles from the garage at the Samudragarh railway station. Also, several cars and vehicles including two Police vehicles were severely damaged by the mob.

Both rail and bus routes are blocked. Passengers continue to face extreme difficulties. The Muslim mob numbering a few thousand captured all the four platforms of the railway station. When Hindus were proceeding towards the market, the Muslim mob began throwing stones at them from the rail line. The policemen standing there were watching as mute spectators.

The MLA of this area is the influential state minister Swapan Debnath. Local TMC workers were frantically calling their MLA, but his phone was switched off. The incident started around noon yesterday when some Muslim drank wine in a local wine shop owned by a Hindu and they refused to pay the bill. A scuffle ensued. However, in the evening the Muslims gathered as a mob and arrived there in thousands and began attacking Hindu houses and shops.


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