Unbridled Evangelism or the re-conquest of India

Unbridled Evangelism or the re-conquest of India


Religious conversion through evangelism has usually been aninstrument for states to gain control of other states. It has also been used to ensure the political loyalty of those living within their own borders, repeatedly leading to orgies of persecution in Europe during the medieval era. This is how the Emperor Constantine originally initiated the process of Christianising the hitherto pagan world of Rome. Within a few generationsancient religions of earlier eras were banned on pain of death, and Christianity alone prevailed though internecine disputes continued among Christians themselves.

The geographical spread of Christianityhas continued uninterrupted through brutal wars under Charlemagne, then its tenth century Christian expansion into Eastern Europe, the sixteenth century genocide of Hernan Cortes in Mexico and beyond.

Few know that the Shia Iran population of today was mainly Sunni until it was forcibly converted to create a loyal populace. It was the founder of modern Iran, the Safavid, Shah Ismail I, who sought to insulate his kingdom ideologically from his hated Ottoman Sunni rivals by violently eliminating Sunni Islam from Persia in the early sixteenth century.

Islam remains violently sectarian and unashamed to physically extirpate all other groups when it achieves numerical dominance in any society.No society in which Muslims number more than 30% manages to retain any vestige of its antecedent identity.

Christian conquest is more sophisticated

But Christian proselytisation and conquest is much more sophisticated and only espouses force to consolidate conquest when victory in a particular society is already assured. Christian terrorists have been active in India’s northeast and have reduced parts of central Africa to ashes in recent years.The surge of religious conversion in India and Nepal, almost exclusively to Christian denominations is primarily an expression of naked US imperialism. It is attempting to supplant British colonial power, following the relatively brief historical interregnum of ‘native’ political autonomy after 1947.

It is absolutely clear that the US, which played a role in destabilizing India’s northeast, has redoubled efforts, with the help of NATO allies, to create a string of Christian pearls around India that extends all the way to its southern states and their coastlines.


The advance of Christianity in India was facilitated by its first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru himself, who appears to have regarded with disdain Hindu religious practices as ‘backward mumbo jumbo’. His family subsequently bequeathed to India a dangerous Christian interloper who has proved more perilous for Hindus than the genocidal Ghaznavids and murderous Aurangzeb.

US using Christian missionaries and NGOs as agents

The transformation of India’s Congress party into a comprador agent under a foreign-born Christian and the existence of political parties, which are in essence crime syndicates, has created a fifth column within it. This shocking situation has eased the increasing usurpation of societal and political power in India by US agencies. The US is able to exercise huge influence in India through Christian evangelical fronts and assorted NGOs, which are at arm’s length its unofficial agents. The Indian fifth column connected to these intruders is vast and well funded. It controls much of the English language media and other critical institutions of Indian society, including many prestigious educational establishments.

[pullquote]Christian terrorists have been active in India’s northeast and have reduced parts of central Africa to ashes in recent years.[/pullquote]

The unexpected recent political victories of the BJP under Narendra Modi have precipitated urgency to accelerate the seizure of India from within through religious conversion. But the physical elimination of India’s ascendant Hindutva political leadership, by using US Islamic Jihadi allies, should be viewed as very much an open option. Attempts have already been made to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi following the failure to destroy him politically and will almost certainly recur.

Christianized Indian academia and English media

Control over India’s English language media and prominent academic institutions by the church have prompted a diabolical media chorus in defence of religious conversion, though only to Christianity. It has become the default setting of Indian public discourse these foreign agents dominate. Implicit in their public stance is the idea that there is no constitutional reason why the majority of Indians should not embrace Christianity. Indeed, in their view, the Indian constitution allows freedom to completely obliterate all traces of its extant Hindu identity and past.The principle advocated is that if individuals supposedly choose, the Indian nation can be reborn completely Christian. This has already become the fate of India’s northeast.

Most dramatically, new Christian converts are instinctively hostile to all things Hindu and Indian. Earlier, middle class converts often retained vestiges of their antecedent cultural identity, in dress, diet and continuing affinity to some shared social norms with Hindu India. The newer breed of converts to Christianity decline to adorn the bindi or wear saris and other outward symbols of Indian identity, regarding them as symbols of Hindu degradation that should not be indulged.

Indeed people from the Northeast of India confess to unease at encountering India’s Hindu ethos when they travel to other parts of the country. They should be considered a militant presence waiting to take up arms, the violent civic protest already occurring being a harbinger of armed insurrection.

Alarming scale of Christian conversions

The actual scale of the religious conversion in India and Nepal is not fully known because incumbent governments have deliberately concealed evidence, fearing a Hindu backlash. Christians themselves have also been advised by the Church authorities to mislead census takers by registering themselves as Hindu, making an accurate assessment of their growing numbers hard to determine. But the numbers of Christians in India and Nepal are certain to be much higher than the 2.3 per cent figure being misleadingly bandied about by Christian organisations, anxious to divert attention from their evangelical surge.

[pullquote]It is estimated that collectively churches are the second biggest landowner in India, after the government itself. [/pullquote]

However, there is some evidence that the numbers of Christian converts in both countries have now reached 8% and poised to exceed 10-12%.It has been achieved by Church organisations blatantly violating the recommendations of the 1956 Madhya Pradesh, Niyogi Committee. It had sought to prohibit all inducements to religious conversion, including material, medical and psychological allurements. All of these stipulations are now ignored, with the complicity of many state governments and the Congress-led UPA itself. The nonchalant attitude of the UPA towards Christian evangelists can be judged by the behaviour of an agent of the church. Its first family’s Christian faith suggests the possible reason for it.


In fact, massive advertising campaigns to promote religious conversion have become routine with the help of treasonous Bollywood film stars. And Christian missionaries, outrageously masquerading as sadhus in dress and demeanour, are forms of inculturation that represent virtual warfare against Hindus. The church and its NGO surrogates are also engaged in a massive land-buying spree across India that has dangerous implications for national security. It is estimated that collectively churches are the second biggest landowner in India, after the government itself. It is quite clear that most NGOs engaged in alleged poverty alleviation, advocacy of gender and minority rights and general upliftment of the disadvantaged, are, in reality, church fronts, engaged in cultivating alternative political loyalties.

Indian Churches work with foreign intelligence agencies

It is evident that the church authorities work closely with foreign intelligence agencies to create comprehensive socio-economic databases and other related profiles of Indians. These identify points of vulnerability, which can be exploited by both to pursue a common agenda of subversion and to manipulate Indian government policies.

The end result is the establishment of treasonous Indian constituencies who act at their behest to achieve the political goals of Washington and other foreign capitals.

[pullquote]Many of the evangelists now operating in Nepal are from South Korea because their physical appearance allows them to intermingle inconspicuously with the local population.[/pullquote]

Even the utterly compromised UPA was obligated to identify nefarious attempts of foreign-backed NGOs to derail the Kondankulam nuclear power plant because it was of Russian provenance. Church organisations have now also created databases of successful Indian businesses and entrepreneurs. Those seeking to expand their business activity through venture capital are being routinely contacted by church organisations with offers of investment funds in exchange for support of their activities.

Nepal is the next Nagaland

Nepal is well on the way to becoming South Asia’s next Nagaland as a result of prodigious efforts by Christian missionaries in the past decade, acting as agents of the US government. Many of the evangelists now operating in Nepal are from South Korea because their physical appearance allows them to intermingle inconspicuously with the local population.

[pullquote]China is projected to become the largest Christian nation in the world by 2030[/pullquote]

Church authorities in the US and Europe are also deploying Indian Christian missionaries, especially from Kerala in Nepal because Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter the country. Astonishingly, the British ambassador in Nepal recently spoke of effectively allowing to Nepal turn into a Christian country. Nepali politicians themselves are easily suborned and bribed and mainly preoccupied with what they describe as “Indian imperialism”. As a result, they are unperturbed by the massive Christian incursion or indeed Sino-Pak subversion of their country. According to one of India’s most senior diplomats, provided these international machinations hurt Hindu India they are at ease.


America remains the final bastion of Christian bigotry, racism and imperial yearning, long abandoned by the European public itself. US churches are racially segregated and the ones exclusive to whites are, in reality, manifestations of the neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan.

Unfortunately, black US churches are vehicles of US imperial assault as well and active in India despite being subject to racial discrimination at home. In fact, at bottom, most US churches are multinational businesses that raise vast funds from the poor through downright deception. These funds finance the shockingly luxurious life styles for its supposed religious overseers and underwrite sedition abroad. Of course, European governments also use evangelical intrusion to subvert their international political rivals, including China, though they seem unconcerned with disappearing religiosity in their own societies.

India is the real target of US-backed Christian imperialism

China is projected to become the largest Christian nation in the world by 2030, with adherents numbering an estimated 250 million. But the principal targets of evangelical subversion, an art form perfected by the US, are India and Nepal.

In the case of Nepal, they wish to create a loyal Christian bastion on the Nepal-Tibet border in order to intervene against China. All the supposedly profound cogitation over Nepal’s Constitution, which has failed to materialise so far, stems from an evangelist-backed attempt to divide Nepal along the axes of ethnicity, caste and language, by arguing for their supposed human rights. It is merely a ploy to ease penetration by Christian evangelists into a fissured country.

China itself has woken up belatedly to the dangers it faces, as the number of Christian converts in China grew to exceed 80 million, threatening its very civilizational ethos. There are signs that it has understood that spiritual emptiness make people more vulnerable to evangelism and the Chinese authorities are now promoting Confucianism as an antidote to Christian proselytisation.

Paradoxically perhaps, many of the ordinary shock troops of Christian evangelism are themselves victims of the church leadership, brainwashed to feel they are engaged in honourable service to their Lord Jesus by harvesting souls. But it needs to be remembered that Christian churches have become the principal refuge for paedophiles as well, one of its subsidiary activities that seems to grow exponentially. This is a phenomenon ignored by the Indian media though widespread exploitation of children is rife within the country.

Hinduism faces existential danger

Hinduism today faces an existential danger of a final solution threatening to erase it forever, the eventual fate of polytheists elsewhere. Efforts are being coordinated internationally against their very survival by American and European churches.


The UK political authorities, led by the Labour Party, are assiduously engaged in portraying Hinduism as nothing but caste oppression, a form of racism akin to apartheid that must be curbed ruthlessly. Most depressingly, some prominent British Hindus and leading UK ‘sampradayas’ are acquiescing in the diabolical campaign sponsored against their faith by the established Anglican church and its allies.

Criminalizing caste internationally to subvert Hinduism

Hindus, Sikhs and Jains are alleged to engage in caste discrimination. And the legislation to prohibit it, with only fabricated evidence being adduced in justification, allows both Christian and Muslim converts to claim discrimination on the basis of their antecedent caste and sue for financial compensation.

The UK legislation is certain to be followed by European Union legislative provision and UN condemnation of an alleged innate Hindu propensity for racism. The fact that diverse forms of social stratification, with myriad socio-economic consequences, are common to all societies is ignored and Hinduism alone deemed an egregious violation of all human decency.

[pullquote]The church considers the unavailability of reservations to their converts the greatest single barrier to accelerating conversion of Indian Hindus to Christianity.[/pullquote]

But the real objective of the cynical hand wringing that has exposed the scandalous collaboration between the authorities and some British Hindus, unwilling to offend the authorities under any circumstances, is a prelude to demanding that India offer reservations to both Christian and Muslim converts from Hinduism.

Church pushes for reservations

Such reservations in jobs and educational opportunity are now only available to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and OBCs, although they simultaneously discriminate unjustly against the disadvantaged of other castes. The latter are now deemed inherently undeserving, much like Jews in 1930s Germany. There is a subliminal church insinuation advocating the effective ‘neutralisation’ of Hindu opponents to their imperial ambitions. It is the sentiment that presaged the final solution to the alleged ‘killers’ of Christ in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

The church considers the unavailability of reservations to their converts the greatest single barrier to accelerating conversion of Indian Hindus to Christianity. This is why the Christian church authorities worldwide have declared war against Sanatana Dharma.

[pullquote]The RSS Sarsangchalak’s forthright statement on the issue recently, denouncing religious conversion and defending the right of Hindus to resist is most welcome[/pullquote]

It is absolutely imperative to understand that religious conversion is not a private matter of conscience alone that leaves all other aspects of the individual’s persona unchanged. Conversion now entails a total transformation. It erases all aspects of the person’s antecedent culture, including political loyalty and social and cultural attributes that make the individual a progeny of the ancient civilisation of Sanatana Dharma.

It may be predicted that the white churches of America and Europe will look the other way when Hindu challengers are murdered and determined remaining adherents are scattered en masse to the winds. No doubt some crocodile tears will be shed after more are assassinated in the same way the killing of Swami Lakshmananda was outsourced by the church to Christian terrorists, camouflaged as Maoists. This is the identical duplicity practised by Nepal’s Maoists, many of whose leaders are Christian and only approved attacks on Hindu establishments in the countryside under their control.

Swami Lakshmananda

The many denominations of the Christian church that apparently quietly celebrate the extinction of Jewry in Europe did not hesitate to actively participate in committing genocide in Rwanda. Hindus are their next target for conversions and, if need be, physical elimination if they resist.

Ban all foreign donations

This is why the Government of India must ban all foreign donations used directly or indirectly for religious conversion, refuse entry into India of all evangelists and create a nonbaliable offence, with stringent penalties for engaging in proselytisation.

[pullquote]Religious conversion is not a private matter of conscience alone that leaves all other aspects of the individual’s persona unchanged. Conversion now entails a total transformation.[/pullquote]

The RSS Sarsangchalak’s forthright statement on the issue recently, denouncing religious conversion and defending the right of Hindus to resist is most welcome and one now awaits decisive policy action to operationalize his prudent counsel. It may be noted in passing that the entire Sangh Parivar is being attacked by many journalists as a result of the sentiments he uttered, including by some who have pretended to be its erstwhile nationalist friends in the past.

Gautam Sen

Dr. Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.