India’s Daughter: A Reader’s Response

India’s Daughter: A Reader’s Response


The Editor


Dear Sir

I am attaching a letter on the aforesaid subject matter of your article titled India’s Daughter and Richard Dawkins’ Racism.  If possible, please publish the same in your web-site for wider dissemination.

With best wishes,

N Mohan


Dear Sir
Westerners are the greatest Rapists


A German Historian has claimed (Refer TNIE 8/3/15) that thousands of German women were raped by the British, American and French soldiers.

Prof.Miriam Gerhardt, a well regarded German Academician challenged the view that Soviet troops were responsible for the vast majority of rape cases in occupied Germany. She says that there is no difference between America GIs and Red army.

She drew on the vast records kept by Bavarian Roman Catholic Priests.  She studied the records of illegitimate war children born to German mothers and Allied fathers and assumes that there had been 100 rapes for each birth, coming up with the figure of 190000 rapes by American soldiers alone.

Antony Beavor, the author of the Second World War says that the most notorious rapes were committed by the French soldiers.  He also says that as per Soviet archives, two million German women were raped by Soviet troops but Gerhardt says, the figure is 5 million.

Now look at our anti-Hindu, anti-India media.  They talk about freedom of expression without knowing that the greatest rapists are from the West.  The problem with the Indian media is mostly this:

  1. They may not know facts – no sense of history or knowledge of Geography.  No research work on any subject. Their full time occupation simply seems to be a mindless pursuit of anti-Modi rhetoric and stupid secularism.
  2. Their controllers (Minorities) may want them to paint Hindus, Hinduism, Modi, BJP, RSS etc in black.
  3. The media may be afraid of the minorities – instant threats of violent repurcussion – Charlie Hebdo, AIB Roast, etc.

Something must be done to make the media to look at every problem without bias, prejudice and jaundiced eyes. If the present trend continues, you can rest assured that we are on the path towards second partition.  Both Hindus and BJP are sleeping.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Mohan Natara

IndiaFacts Staff

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